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Tessa Sanchez

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Education consultants serve families devoted to missionary task

Meeting needs and supporting families are some of the most rewarding parts of missionary kid education, according to Doreen, the IMB’s director of education for MKs (also called TCKs or third culture kids). The goal of education is supporting IMB families so they can thrive as a family and in the ministry God has called them to, Doreen said.

Into the jungle: Explorers search for isolated people groups

“Our small Cessna bobbled lower and lower until its wheels made contact with the gravel runway, slicing through its many puddles,” Devon Faulkner wrote in a blog entry. After deplaning, Faulkner and his partner walked off the landing strip and into the jungle.

Language learning crucial for Gospel access

TOKYO (BP) -- Jane Hwang's eyes scanned the list of cities. The last job, for student ministry in Tokyo, caught her attention. In the job description, she noted the lack of hope and knowledge of eternal life among the Japanese, and she felt the Lord was leading her to serve in Japan.

From NFL and NASCAR to a boxing gym in Germany, IMB couple forges genuine friendships  

FRANKFURT, Germany (BP) – "That's the first time anybody allowed me to ask a question," Fredrik remarked, surprised.

Olympic digital responders needed

PARIS (BP) – In front of an Olympic venue, her phone camera hovers over the Olympic pin. The link appears and she selects her language, scans the landing page, and then decides she’d like to chat live with someone. Hesitatingly, she types “Hello” and waits.

Global missionary partners advance Gospel in Colombia

Laura Martinez’s letter to her supporters in Mexico is reminiscent of New Testament letters. Recently, she wrote about adapting quickly to the culture, climate, geography and gastronomy of Colombia. She enumerated the differences in seasons and interpretations of certain Spanish words, and she was pleasantly surprised the quality of water in Colombia is higher than where she’s from in Mexico.

IMB sees church mobilization as vital to kingdom growth

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) – The International Mission Board needs churches. Missionaries can’t get to the mission field without churches, and churches enable missionaries to remain in the places God called them to serve. Churches also play a crucial role in raising up a new generation of missionaries.

Remote Angolans transformed by Gospel

When a shepherd heard of the Great Shepherd, his answer to the invitation to follow was “yes.” When men and women in a fishing village heard of the man who multiplied loaves and fish, their answer to the call was “yes.” When internally displaced women heard of their home in heaven, their answer to the question of whether they wanted an eternal home was, “yes.”

WEEK OF PRAYER: Project 3000 researches, pursues people on edge of lostness

Planes, trains, buses, motorcycles, cars and boats will get them as close as possible before setting off on foot to find hidden people groups. International Mission Board missionaries are going the extra mile, quite often literally. Why?

War changes face of ministry to Deaf Ukrainians

In Ukraine, Oleh and Marianna weren’t permitted to lead ministry to the Deaf because they are Deaf. A call to missions tugged at their hearts, but due to cultural norms, it wasn’t a possibility until recently.