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Steps help ensure smooth registration for SBC hotels

NASHVILLE (BP) — The growth in attendance at Southern Baptists’ annual gathering and resulting demand for hotel rooms reflects a healthy desire for participation in the convention. However, that can also strain processes in place for reserving those rooms on the first day of availability, as messengers will have the opportunity to do on Monday, Oct. 3 starting at 8 a.m. Central.

California governor’s inclusion of Scripture on abortion billboards draws response, prayer

WESTMINSTER, Calif. (BP) – It’s not Don Adam’s nature to address political issues from the pulpit of MidCities Baptist Church. But when his governor attempted to use Scripture to justify the killing of unborn children, Adam knew he couldn’t keep silent.

Southern Baptists prepare for Florida cleanup, East Coast response to Ian

EDISTO ISLAND, S.C. (BP) — Rob Heath had a lot to do today in preparing for Hurricane Ian and a direct knowledge of the unfortunate timing of its arrival to the South Carolina coast.

Churches Declare Their Stance on Pastorship Through Ordination

There may be nuances related to ordination and how it is observed from one church to another, but the qualifications for the pastor role are crystal clear, said a collection of Southern Baptist pastors and leaders.

Chitwood says Greenway to bring ‘invaluable’ experience to IMB

NASHVILLE (BP) — Former Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Adam Greenway is joining the International Mission Board in a role that “will be focused on training missionaries to address the greatest problem in the world: spiritual lostness,” according to an entity spokesperson today.

Diversity, opportunity to contribute spurred Ohio church to join SBC

MANSFIELD, Ohio (BP) – Mount Calvary Baptist was like a lot of churches that were forced to lean on technology in the spring of 2020.

Executive Committee votes to disfellowship two churches following Credentials Committee report

NASHVILLE (BP) – “Open affirmation” of homosexual behavior and a “lack of cooperation” to resolve concerns over discrimination prompted a recommendation from the SBC Credentials Committee to disfellowship two churches. The SBC Executive Committee affirmed the recommendation in a closed meeting Sept. 20.

Candidates’ views on handling sexual abuse will be factor, Nominations Committee chair says

NASHVILLE (BP) — The chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention Committee on Nominations wants his group to do its part to ensure board members of Southern Baptist entities reflect the Convention’s stance on addressing sexual abuse.

Louisiana church reports 23 salvations, 125 guests at student kickoff event

DEVILLE, La. (BP) – A first-time visitor to Philadelphia Baptist Church’s Wednesday evening services Sept. 14 would have been struck by the crowds, the energy and yes, possibly some colored powder if they got too close to the action. 

ARITF holds initial meeting, announces first steps

NASHVILLE (BP) — A statement issued by the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force said it will begin by focusing on several mandates, including the retaining of an individual or firm to receive reports related to abuse, the creation of the Ministry Check database and assisting the Credentials Committee toward retaining a qualified firm for assistance in matters related to allegations of or mishandling of allegations of sexual abuse.