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Bible Study: Godly self-discipline

Spiritual discipline begins with the body. From Elizabeth Elliot’s “Joyful Surrender,” a look at discipline in the areas of eating, exercise and purity.

Bible Study: Helping marginalized people

As Christians, we can offer compassion to others and affirm Jesus’ work in their lives.

Bible Study: Courageous rest in God’s presence

God will remove fear from those who humble themselves before Him. Rest in the presence of the Shepherd.

Bible Study: Jesus our only way home

Jesus came to end sinful humanity’s exile from Him, bring His people home, and restore our freedom to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Bible Study: Slow to repent?

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we can easily overlook the reality that the joy He came to bring to the world only comes through our repentance.

Bible Study: Our Savior Lord Jesus

How can Christians recognize Jesus’ authority over all things and worship Him as He deserves?

Bible Study: God’s good purpose in us

No setback or problem we face can thwart God’s good purpose for our lives. In fact, those very problems can be a part of God’s way of bringing about His good purpose in us.

Bible Study: God’s promised restoration

God sees every single one of His people, keenly attuned to their pain, their prayers, their obedience and their disobedience.

Bible Study: Faithful obedience to God

As believers, we can periodically pause and evaluate our own level of obedience to God’s Word.

Bible Study: Doers of His Word

We can’t follow Jesus without allowing Him to tell us how to live. Obeying His commands stands at the heart of a relationship with Him.