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Bible Study: Honest fellowship

The fellowship that will help us grow as Christians depends on honesty and authenticity.

Bible Study: God’s sovereignty helps us forgive one another

Acknowledging God’s sovereignty helps us seek reconciliation with others, forgiving them and allowing God to restore and renew our relationships.

Bible Study: United in Christ

When the church is focused on Christ, the unique opinions and preferences among church members no longer create disunity.

Bible Study: New identity in Christ

Christians are given a new identity in Christ when born into the family of God, an identity God expects Christians to fulfill.

Bible Study: Christ, the church’s true foundation

God builds the true church on the foundation of Jesus Christ. You can’t have a church if you get rid of Jesus.

Bible Study: ‘Come and see,’ our Savior lives

What a glorious thought, that Jesus – once dead and now alive forever more – is right now interceding for us. Jesus invites us to “come and see” that He lives.

Bible Study: Can we serve God without His presence?

The Old Testament prophet Moses not only knew he needed God’s presence to reach the promised land, he realized he needed to know God more fully.

Bible Study: God’s plan prevailed despite man’s sin

Despite a mother and son’s deceit, God’s promised plan for ancestors of Christianity prevailed.

Bible Study: Jesus’ healing ministry revealed His identity, His love

Jesus heals because He is loving and compassionate. He encountered people in pain and desperation and, having the power to do so, affected real and lasting physical change in their lives.

Bible Study: Joy in suffering as Christ’s witnesses

Jesus commanded all His followers, from the birth of the church until now, to be witnesses of the salvation from sin that can be found in Him alone. But He never promised it would be easy.