Nate Adams

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A little more than 100 years ago, Baptist soldiers and volunteers were returning to America from World War I-ravaged Europe, lamenting the physical, emotional and spiritual devastation they were leaving behind. Back home they found many of those same needs in a traumatized America.

FIRST-PERSON: Impossible alone

“Impossible things are only impossible alone.” Though I was shaving and only halfway paying attention to the radio advertisements that were droning on in the background, that line caught my attention.

FIRST-PERSON: The year before

At the start of this new year, I’d like to invite all of us as Southern Baptists to think of 2024 as the year before a big birthday. I’d like us to think in terms of anticipation, excited expectancy, and yes, year-long preparation for 2025, when together we will celebrate the 100th birthday of the Cooperative Program.

FIRST-PERSON: Why we’re here

A consultant assisting IBSA with strategic planning recently challenged us with this question: “Why does Illinois need a Southern Baptist brand of disciple?”

FIRST-PERSON: A rare adventure

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (BP) – “The Wizard of Oz” is said to be the most watched film in history. Made in 1939, this classic production has certainly had more years than most to gain that notoriety.

FIRST-PERSON: Final walks with Willy

Nate Adams reflects on the last days of Willy, adopted as a shelter puppy seemingly "made out of spare parts." When Willy went blind and later declined in health, he "somehow understood he was rescued by grace and therefore walked faithfully with his master."


Healthy churches, Nate Adams writes, value and utilize an older generation and a new generation of leaders side by side, both with the same beliefs and dedication to the church.

FIRST-PERSON: The gift of presence

One's presence at a wedding or funeral, Nate Adams writes, reflects Christ's presence -- "God with us" -- in His incarnation.

FIRST-PERSON: No longer asking, ‘Who cares?’

Nate Adams recounts the change in his attitude about the SBC annual meeting from "Who cares?" years ago to "Who decides?" the direction of the convention's entities in the cause of Christ, their doctrinal positions and leadership.

FIRST-PERSON: The Lord’s Supper & our baptisms

Nate Adams suggests that the Lord's Supper -- optimally encompassing intimate fellowship and worship, confession of sin, gratitude for Christ's sacrifice and motivation to live for Him -- could kindle "a dramatic effect" on baptisms.