August 27, 2014
2014 SBC Annual Meeting Program
Posted on May 2, 2014 | by Staff

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SBC 2014 Schedule


8:00 Worship through Music -- Roger McGee, Convention music director, pastor of music and worship, First Baptist Church, Alexandria, Va.

8:05 Call to Order -- Fred Luter Jr., SBC president, senior pastor, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, La.

Registration Report and Constitution of the Convention -- James H. (Jim) Wells, SBC registration secretary, strategic partners team leader, Missouri Baptist Convention, Jefferson City, Mo.

8:10 Prayer -- Jason K. Nobles, chaplain, major, United States Army, Alexandria, Va.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

8:15 Committee on Order of Business (First Report) -- David Smith, chairman, executive director of missions, Austin Baptist Association, Austin, Texas

8:18 Welcome

8:25 Local Arrangements Committee Presentation -- William E. Townes, vice president for convention finance, SBC Executive Committee, Nashville

8:30 Announcement of Committee on Committees, Credentials, Resolutions and Tellers -- Fred Luter Jr.

8:35 Crossover Evangelism Report -- H. Al Gilbert, vice president, evangelism, North American Mission Board, Alpharetta, Ga.

8:40 Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives Report -- R. Albert Mohler Jr., president, Council of Seminary Presidents, president, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky.

8:45 Introduction of New Motions (First Opportunity) -- Fred Luter Jr.

9:10 Worship through Music -- Roger McGee and FBC Alexandria worship team

9:25 Theme Interpretation on Prayer -- Eddie Bumpers, pastor, Crossway Baptist Church, Springfield, Mo.

9:35 Executive Committee Report (Part 1) -- Frank S. Page, president and CEO, Nashville

10:35 Election of Officers (First)

10:45 Recognition of Past SBC Presidents -- Fred Luter Jr.

10:50 Worship through Music -- The Penny Loafers, concert artists, Berea, Ky.

11:00 GuideStone Financial Resources Report -- O. S. Hawkins, president and CEO, Dallas

11:12 International Mission Board Report -- Tom Elliff, president, Richmond, Va.

11:24 International Mission Board Presentation -- Tom Elliff

12:04 Election of Officers (Second)

12:12 Benediction -- Mark Stinson, pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Cambridge, Ohio


1:30 Opening Worship -- Roger McGee

1:40 Prayer -- Paul Negrut, pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Oradea, Romania

1:45 Theme Interpretation on Restoration -- Gary Frost, vice president, Midwest region, North American Mission Board, Alpharetta, Ga.

1:55 Election of Officers (Third)

2:03 Executive Committee Report (Part 2) -- Frank S. Page

2:33 Worship through Music -- Charles Billingsley, concert artist, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Va.

2:43 Committee on Nominations Report -- Jerry Johnson, chairman, president and CEO, National Religious Broadcasters, Dallas

2:53 North American Mission Board Report -- Kevin Ezell, president, Alpharetta, Ga.

3:05 North American Mission Board Presentation -- Kevin Ezell

3:45 Worship through Music -- Charles Billingsley

3:55 Election of Officers (Fourth)

4:03 Committee on Order of Business (Second Report) -- David Smith

4:17 Introduction of New Motions (Last Opportunity) -- Fred Luter Jr.

4:27 Committee on Resolutions (First Report) -- David Dykes, chairman, pastor, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas

4:57 Benediction -- Stephen V. Allen, senior pastor, South Run Baptist Church, Springfield, Va.


6:45 Prelude -- All About Kids Productions, Lamplight Artists, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, Baltimore

7:00 Praise and Worship -- FBC Alexandria choir and orchestra with guest Charles Billingsley led by Roger McGee,

7:30 President's Sermon -- Fred Luter Jr.,

8:15 Benediction -- Marvin G. Parker, pastor, Broadview Missionary Baptist Church, Broadview, Ill.


8:00 Worship through Music -- Andy Johnson, worship pastor, First Baptist Church, Euless, Texas

8:05 Prayer -- Kevin K. White, executive director/treasurer, Nevada Baptist Convention, Reno, Nevada

8:10 Theme Interpretation on Revival -- K. Marshall Williams Sr., senior pastor, Nazarene Baptist Church, Philadelphia

8:20 Committee on Committees Report -- Roc Collins, chairman, pastor, Indian Springs Baptist Church, Kingsport, Tenn.

8:28 Committee on Order of Business (Third Report) -- David Smith

8:48 Previously Scheduled Business -- Fred Luter Jr.,

8:58 Committee on Resolutions (Final Report) -- David Dykes

9:23 Worship through Music -- Andy Johnson and First Baptist Euless worship team

9:35 Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Report -- Jeff Iorg, president, Mill Valley, Calif.

9:47 Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Report -- Jason K. Allen, president, Kansas City, Mo.

9:59 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Report -- R. Albert Mohler Jr., president, Louisville, Ky.

10:11 Previously Scheduled Business -- Fred Luter Jr.

10:26 Worship through Music -- Andy Johnson and First Baptist Euless worship team

10:38 LifeWay Christian Resources Report -- Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO, Nashville

10:50 LifeWay Christian Resources Presentation -- Thom S. Rainer

11:05 Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Report -- Russell D. Moore, president, Nashville

11:17 Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Presentation -- Russell D. Moore

11:32 Worship through Music -- Andy Johnson and First Baptist Euless worship team

11:42 Convention Sermon -- John Meador, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Euless, Texas

12:12 Benediction -- Hyoung Min Kim, Asian ethnic groups facilitator, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Grapevine, Texas


2:30 Worship through Music -- Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware worship band, Columbia, Md.

2:40 Prayer -- Robert J. Anderson, senior pastor, Colonial Baptist Church, Randallstown, Md.

2:45 Previously Scheduled Business -- Fred Luter Jr.

2:55 Election of Officers (Fifth)

3:03 Committee on Order of Business (Fourth Report) -- David Smith

3:13 Election of 2015 Convention Sermon Preacher, Alternate Preacher, and Music Director

3:18 Presentation of Outgoing Officers -- Frank S. Page

3:23 Presentation of New Officers -- Frank S. Page

3:33 Worship through Music -- Chip Colee, minister of music, and One Voice Choir, First Baptist Church, Montgomery, Ala.

3:45 New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Report -- Charles S. Kelley Jr., president, New Orleans

3:57 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Report -- Paige Patterson, president, Fort Worth, Texas

4:09 Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Report -- Daniel L. Akin, president, Wake Forest, N.C.

4:21 Woman's Missionary Union Report -- Wanda Lee, executive director/treasurer, Birmingham, Ala.

4:25 Benediction -- Stephen N. Horn, vice chairman, SBC Committee on Order of Business, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Lafayette, La.
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