Bush scheduled to address SBC messengers via satellite

INDIANAPOLIS (BP)--President Bush is scheduled to address Southern Baptist Convention messengers via satellite Tuesday, June 15, at approximately 2:40 p.m. Central time.

The White House confirmed Bush's scheduled appearance Monday afternoon.

Southern Baptist Convention President Jack Graham referenced both Bush and Ronald Reagan in telling Executive Committee members at their June 14 meeting that Bush has endorsed many of the beliefs that Southern Baptists hold. Southern Baptists are not looking to endorse candidates, Graham said, but instead to have candidates endorse Southern Baptist values.

"One of the reason we loved Ronald Reagan so much is because he endorsed so many of our values and helped us in our country and our culture," Graham said. "That's the way I feel about any candidate, whether it's this president or any other president. We're seeking that candidate to endorse us. ... We're thankful that George W. Bush has endorsed many of the values that we hold dear."

It will be the third time that Bush has addressed messengers as president. Last year he taped a message for messengers. In 2002, he spoke via satellite.

Bush's comments to the SBC can be viewed via live streaming video at www.sbcannualmeeting.org/sbc04/.

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