SPORTS: Safe at home

MULKEYTOWN, Ill. (BP)--Jamey Carroll is looking forward to the end of this young baseball season.

No, it's not because the Expos are downright horrible (although that might become more of the reason if Montreal doesn't start winning some games soon).

Rather, it's because the Expos' utility infielder is getting married after this season to his fiancé, Kim Weimgarten. And unlike so many couples in today's society, Carroll and Weimgarten have made a commitment to save sex for marriage.

"That's a temptation that is brought upon you, and it's a tough urge to stop having," Carroll said. "It's the way it's got to be and the way to actually be closer to God and to walk His path."

Unfortunately in too many relationships today, sexual activity before marriage continues to abound. Television constantly glorifies promiscuous sexual behavior, with various sitcom characters jumping in and out of bed with people. Of course, nobody in a sitcom ever comes down with a sexually transmitted disease.

That's not the way it is in real life, as there are consequences to immoral behavior that goes against the commandments of God. Sexually transmitted diseases are common. Unwanted pregnancies do happen far too frequently and too many end tragically in abortion.

Safe sex isn't the answer, as the only "safe" form of sex before marriage is no sex. Condoms aren't as effective as their proponents want people to think, and those who preach condom use to teenagers aren't doing them any favors.

Fortunately, recent studies have indicated that teen sexual activity has actually dropped over the past decade. That's good news. The bad news is that the numbers are still far too high.

Rather than taking the attitude that teenagers will engage in sex anyway, we ought to start holding them to a higher standard and teaching them the benefits of abstinence and how to save themselves for marriage.

Carroll has some advice for those who find themselves facing temptation.

"You're definitely not going to be perfect, but there are certain things that you can [do in order to] set yourself up in situations not to fail," he said. "That's one thing that's tough to do, but I think if you get someone who has the same understanding as you then it makes it easier."

For Carroll, finding someone who shared his Christian beliefs was important.

"That's what you've got to look for whenever you get in a relationship," he said. "Just be honest and open with whoever it is. If they're not on the same page as you, then you may have to make a change."

Fortunately for Carroll, he didn't have to make a change in marrying Weimgarten. God has blessed their relationship, and their marriage will be stronger because of their commitment to sexual purity.

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