• Pastor's plan to raise the Christian flag

    by By K. Allan Blume, Biblicial Recorder Editor , posted Monday, July 06, 2015 (5 hours ago)

    SHELBY, N.C. (BP) -- North Carolina pastor Rit Varriale wants to see churches fly the Christian flag above the American flag as a biblical statement, reversing flag etiquette that calls for the American flag to be flown in the prominent position.

    Varriale, as senior pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby, N.C., said the church installed its first-ever flagpole in order to raise the two flags in a special ceremony after morning worship on Sunday (July 5) in which the Christian flag was raised in the higher position -- which prompted interviews by Charlotte-area NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates. Read More

  • NAMB fund to assist burned black churches

    by Mike Ebert and Diana Chandler, posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 (4 days ago)

    The North American Mission Board has established a fund to help African American churches that have been damaged or destroyed by fire in the past two weeks.

    Fires at seven black churches have fueled discussions of racial hatred, as the first occurred within a week of the June 17 massacre of nine black Christians by a 21-year-old white supremacist at a Charleston church. Read More

  • Veterans befriend pastor after losing his father

    by Jim Burton, posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 (4 days ago)

    When Tommy Kelly was 23, his life was turned upside down when his father died from a heart attack.

    A faithful Christian, his father had been a deacon and church treasurer and was the local magistrate. Kelly got a kick from hearing local lawyers, who had far more education than his father, refer to him as “judge.”

    And Thomas H. Kelly Sr. was patriotic, having served in the Army right after the Korean War. Read More

  • WWII POW's pitch opens K.C. Royals' season

    by Brian Koonce, posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 (4 days ago)

    Photo courtesy of KC Royals
    Dale Mitchell took the mound in front of 40,085 roaring fans for the defending American League Champion Kansas City Royals' home opener against the Chicago White Sox. His cap pulled low, Mitchell cocked his arm and let his pitch fly.

    At age 90, Mitchell had the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

    A former high school second baseman, Mitchell and a grandson practiced the pitch on Easter and the next day it was Royals' star third baseman Mike Moustakas on the receiving end. Read More

  • Church’s CP part of being in ‘center of God’s will’

    by Karen L. Willoughby, posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 (4 days ago)

    Faced with unanticipated dangers at home and abroad, Christians can find “true safety” in serving the Lord, pastor Rob Muncy told the Mississippi congregation he leads a week after a June 17 massacre of nine worshippers at a historic black South Carolina church.

    “We talked about how some people don’t go on mission trips because of safety,” Muncy told Baptist Press. Yet in Charleston S.C., "a group of people [were attending] Wednesday night prayer meeting. Physical safety is just an illusion we comfort ourselves with,” he said.

    “The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.” Read More

  • CP 1.45% above projection at FY three-quarter mark

    by Staff, posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 (4 days ago)

    Year-to-date contributions to Southern Baptist national and international missions and ministries received by the SBC Executive Committee are 1.45 percent above the year-to-date SBC Cooperative Program Allocation Budget projection, and 1.24 percent above contributions received during the same time frame last year, according to a news release from SBC Executive Committee President Frank S. Page.

    The year-to-date total represents money received by the Executive Committee by the close of the last business day of June and includes receipts from state conventions, churches and individuals for distribution according to the 2014-15 SBC Cooperative Program Allocation Budget. Read More

  • God-sized miracle sought in Buenos Aires

    by Anne Harman, posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 (4 days ago)

    Photo by Chris Carter/IMB
    “Where is Marco Polo?” The question is a legitimate one in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Marco Polo is a pastor who has invested 20 years in the city’s Cildáñez neighborhood, a melting pot of immigrants.

    When the question is asked at the offices of Parque Indoamericano Baptist Church, the staff knows that Polo likely is meeting a need in a nearby villa, or slum area. The church provides about 20 ministries to immigrant neighborhoods, from traditional worship and discipleship to small groups in homes and youth events. Construction continues adjacent to the church on a home for adolescent and single mothers. Daily, 300 infants and preschoolers receive meals and personal nurture in two childcare centers. Read More

  • Buenos Aires neighborhood’s Bible study blossoms

    by Anne Harman, posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 (4 days ago)

    Photo by Chris Carter/IMB
    Life is colorful in La Boca, a riverside Buenos Aires neighborhood where tourists flock to buy souvenirs on cobblestone streets flooded with the yellows and oranges, blues and greens of the shops.

    As dusk falls, tourists abandon the port for the city’s center, and even the curbside vendors quickly pack up and leave. Within moments, streets that bulged with throngs of people are empty.

    Behind the facades of the tourist attractions, the people of La Boca struggle to make ends meet. They live in an atmosphere steeped in uncertainty and loneliness. They struggle with drugs and promiscuity. Read More

  • Majority of Americans say U.S. special to God

    by Lisa Cannon Green, posted Wednesday, July 01, 2015 (5 days ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- In a nation founded on religious liberty, most Americans believe God has a special relationship with the United States, and they're optimistic the best is yet to come.

    Despite headlines lamenting the global decline of the United States since the Cold War, 54 percent of Americans believe the nation is on the upswing, according to a survey by LifeWay Research released July 1. Read More

  • After gay marriage: next steps for LGBT activists

    by David Roach, posted Wednesday, July 01, 2015 (5 days ago)

    BP Photo
    NASHVILLE (BP) -- With same-sex marriage now legal in all 50 states, pro-gay activists are shifting their focus to issues like alleged workplace, housing and public accommodations discrimination. Some have even proposed stripping churches of their tax-exempt status and legalizing polygamous marriage.

    Pro-LGBT activists view the Supreme Court's legalization of gay marriage "as a means to a greater end," said Jon Akin, pastor of Fairview Church in Lebanon, Tenn. -- "a huge means, but I certainly don't think it's the end.... Read More