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  • True Love Waits takes Olympic stance; world’s youth challenged

    by Chris Turner, posted Monday, August 23, 2004 (14 years ago)

    ATHENS (BP)--The 10th anniversary of the True Love Waits marital purity movement culminated in the shadow of one of the ancient world’s most impressive ruins, once a site of sexual indulgence.

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    TLW, worldwide

    True Love Waits commitment cards from more than 20 countries around the world arrived in Athens for display during the Summer 2004 Olympics. Photo by Matt Jones

          Richard Ross and Jimmy Hester, co-founders of the movement that originated with LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, called on youth of the world to make a stand for sexual purity by remaining sexually abstinent until marriage.

          The event was held Sunday Aug. 22, at the Dora Stratou Theatre, located on a hill adjacent to the Acropolis, site of the Greek Parthenon. Read More

  • Olympic decathlete Bryan Clay counts on faithful supporters

    by Tim Ellsworth, posted Friday, August 20, 2004 (14 years ago)

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    Counting on prayer

    No matter how he finishes in the decathlon, Bryan Clay is counting on the prayers of family and friends both as he competes in the Olympics and as he lives out his faith in Athens.

    ATHENS (BP)--Although the decathlon isn’t a team event, Bryan Clay knows he won’t be alone in Athens when competition in the event opens Aug. 23.

          “I’ve never felt like I was alone when I’m out there competing,” Clay said. “A lot of people get all this pressure built on them and they get so stressed out because they feel like it’s all on their shoulders. I’ve never felt like that. I’ve always been able to give that to God and allow Him to carry that burden for me.”

          One of the main reasons Clay feels such company as he’s competing is because of the prayer support he’s getting from family and friends. He values that kind of support for how instrumental it is to his success as both an athlete and a Christian. Read More

  • Olympian says ‘thrill of victory’ must reflect ‘the right reasons’

    by Tim Ellsworth, posted Thursday, August 19, 2004 (14 years ago)

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    Dan Browne

    ATHENS (BP)--Dan Browne will become the first U.S. Olympian in 32 years to compete in both the marathon and 10,000 meters this month in Greece. The last person to do it, Frank Shorter, won the marathon in 1972 and finished fifth in the 10,000 meters.

          Browne would love to duplicate Shorter’s success. But regardless of the outcome, he holds forth an even greater goal.

          “It’s my job to take what God’s given me and do the best I can with it,” Browne said in an interview with Baptist Press. “I do my absolute best to honor God when I run. I run with my full heart and soul. God decides who wins and loses ultimately.” Read More

  • SPORTS: Olympian’s silver came before gold

    by Tim Ellsworth, posted Thursday, August 19, 2004 (14 years ago)

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    Brandon Slay

    MULKEYTOWN, Ill. (BP)--Brandon Slay missed out on his chance for Olympic gold four years ago in Sydney, Australia. Or so he thought.

    Slay was facing Germany’s Alexander Leipold in the championship wrestling match in the 167.5 pound weight class. Slay and his coaches had dissected the German’s every move, and they had their strategy all worked out. Confidence was high. Slay seemed sure that his dream for an Olympic gold medal was about to come true. Read More

  • Olympian Matt Hemingway ready for gold, but not at all costs

    by Tim Ellsworth, posted Wednesday, August 18, 2004 (14 years ago)

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    Opening ceremonies

    U.S. high jumper Matt Hemingway, at the Athens Olympics opening ceremonies, poses with some members of the Indian delegation. “I told them that my wife [Kate] went to school at Kodai Kanal [in India] and they thought that was cool.” Photo courtesy of

    ATHENS (BP)--As a high school athlete, Matt Hemingway made it abundantly clear that he was serious about Christianity.

          His high school’s teams in Buena Vista, Colo., were named the Demons, and Hemingway refused to wear the word “Demons” on his uniform. His stance was so adamant that the track coach ordered uniforms with only the school name on them.

          At the Olympics in Athens, Hemingway won’t have to worry about satanic references on his uniform and will gladly don “USA” instead. But the high jumper, who begins his competition Aug. 20, is still concerned about living a life of faithfulness to God, especially in a setting as visible as the Olympic Games. Read More

  • Seminarians venture to Athens, utilizing sports to share Gospel

    by Gary D. Myers, posted Wednesday, August 18, 2004 (14 years ago)

    ATHENS (BP)--When the Apostle Paul spoke at the Areopagus in Athens (Acts 17:16-33), the city was an important center for philosophical thinking. Paul used the language of the day as a platform for sharing the Gospel. As the eyes of the world focus on Athens for this month’s Olympics, students from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary are using the language of the day –- sports -– as a platform for sharing their faith. Read More

  • Major Sports Event Partnership helps spread Word in Athens

    by Allen Palmeri, posted Tuesday, August 17, 2004 (14 years ago)

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (BP)--Christian ministries have converged on Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games with a unified, organized approach to evangelism through a comprehensive volunteer network they call “More Than Gold.”

    Read More

  • True Love Waits takes Olympic stage; event broadcast on web

    by Chris Turner, posted Monday, August 16, 2004 (14 years ago)

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    TLW in Athens

    ATHENS (BP)--Sexual abstinence will rise to a world stage -- at the base of the Acropolis -- when True Love Waits makes its Olympic debut Aug. 22.

    True Love Waits, a ministry of LifeWay Christian Resources, is partnering with Lay Witnesses for Christ International to host “An Evening with the Olympians: True Love Waits” in Athens’ Dora Stratou Theatre located at the base of the Acropolis. Read More