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  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bill Shiflett): You can be pro-Cooperative Program and pro-GCR

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Michael Watson): A likely GCRTF scenario

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Lonnie Wilkey): Us and them

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (J.D. Greear): Why younger S. Baptists should pay attention

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Ernest J. Kelley): GCR plan sends SBC back to pre-1950s era

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Danny Sinquefield): The motivation behind the mission

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Randall Adams): Okla. Baptists' Great Commission Resurgence

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Mark Coppenger): Groundhog Day or Chariots of Fire?

  • GCRTF Viewpoint (David Williams): The missing link of the task force report

  • GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Timothy Boyd): Emphasize equal sacrifice