September 17, 2014
2011 State Annual Meeting Roundup
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State conventions expand their Kingdom work
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- State Baptist conventions, in their annual meetings this fall, include initiatives to carry the Gospel to the world's unengaged unreached people groups and to plant more churches across America.
States move toward Great Commission thrust
'I think 27 of the 42 state conventions have either approved or are in the process of considering moving toward a 50/50 split in their CP giving.'
-- Bryant Wright
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- The Great Commission Resurgence that arose within the Southern Baptist Convention last year is being embraced by many state Baptist conventions as they restructure for greater efficiency and provide increased funding of missions and church planting efforts in North America and around the world.
Ala. Baptists increase CP percentage for SBC
Alaska Baptists cut budget by 14.6%
Ariz. Baptists hear transition report
Ark. Baptists continue CP increases
Calif. convention celebrates church planting; refers task force report to board
Colo. Baptists to spend more on church planting
Dakota Baptists thank DR volunteers
Fla. Baptists celebrate ethnic diversity
Ga. Baptists adopt GCR report, pare budget
Hawaii Pacific Baptists pass BF&M language
Ill. Baptists take 1% CP challenge
Ind. Baptists elect Cecil Seagle as new exec
MONTICELLO, Ind. (BP) -- The State Convention of Baptists in Indiana marked two key events in less than a month -- convening their 53rd annual meeting and welcoming Cecil Seagle as the SBCI's sixth executive director.
Iowa Baptists add partnership with Mo.

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