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Hymn writer Keith Getty analyzes the Christmas Hymn "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" in part 1 of a series. View Story | Download Photo
Discipleship can be tough in a place where more than a million nomadic herdsmen live scattered across the countryside -- and frequently move. Sometimes IMB missionaries and their national partners share the Gospel with someone, then come back to disciple them and their tent is gone. But missionaries are constantly adapting their strategies to better make disciples among the herdsmen. View Story | Download Photo
Children play outside a ger -- a large, round, felt tent -- in the countryside of East Asia. Nomadic families like theirs pack up their gers as often as once a month to move their livestock to better pastures. It makes reaching them a challenge, but even so, IMB missionary Peter Station says they have seen people come to know the hope of Christ. View Story | Download Photo
Two herdsmen in East Asia tend to their herds. Their people are nomadic -- more than a million of them are scattered across a land mass about half the size of the U.S. They pack up and move their families frequently to find better places to pasture their animals. View Story | Download Photo
A child plays outside his family's tents -- called "gers" -- in the countryside of East Asia. View Story | Download Photo
In the East Asian country this man calls home, discipleship can be tough, logistically speaking. More than a million nomadic herdsmen live scattered across the countryside -- and frequently move. View Story | Download Photo
IMB president Paul Chitwood (left) welcomes Jaechul Yoon (right), president of the Korean Baptist Conference and pastor of Daegu Central Baptist Church in Seoul, South Korea, and Sung Ryong Jung (center), pastor at Ever Love Church, during a break at a conference for Southern Baptist and Korean Baptist leaders. View Story | Download Photo
Matthew Hall View Story | Download Photo
Lorna Bius, left, talks with Beth Ann Williams at the Missions and Ministry Center in Duluth. Bius serves as Mission Georgia mobilizer through and under Georgia Baptist Women, of which Williams is lead strategist. View Story | Download Photo
IMB missionary Hun Sol trains a group of Korean students to go out into other parts of Asia to share the Gospel. Many of them have never shared their faith before and are eager to learn. Hun says with group after group of students who do mid-term missions and return, he sees a new passion for sharing Christ both at home and around the world. View Story | Download Photo
Korean students participate in a worship service after returning from a six-month missions assignment in other Asian countries. IMB missionary Hun Sol says the experience is life-changing for many students, and he hopes their passion will spark a revival in the Korean church. View Story | Download Photo
People pray over South Korean students who are being sent out to six-month missions assignments in other Asian countries after being trained by IMB missionaries. Many have never shared the Gospel before they go out, and as they serve alongside long-term missionaries on the field, they are transformed as they see God's power at work in evangelism. View Story | Download Photo
Dozens of South Korean students like this young woman are trained each year by IMB missionary Hun Sol to do mid-term missions assignments in other Asian countries. While there, they work alongside long-term missionaries and see the power of sharing the Gospel -- and their excitement is contagious when they return. View Story | Download Photo
Churches have received a new outlook on giving by connecting their money with the missions it enables. Embracing the idea of funding a missionary "unit" can give churches a tangible aspect to their Lottie Moon Christmas Offering collection. View Story | Download Photo
First Baptist Church of Harrison, Ark., this summer completed its sixth year of multi-faceted missions in Haiti, including medical, dental, construction, VBS ministries and more. View Story | Download Photo
First Baptist Church, Harrison, Ark. View Story | Download Photo
Keith and Kristyn Getty present "Sing! An Irish Christmas" in cities around the U.S. each year. View Story | Download Photo
Paul Kim sits on a bench donated by his family to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. View Story | Download Photo
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi signaled Thursday (Dec. 5) the Democratic-controlled chamber is committed to holding a vote soon to impeach President Trump. View Story | Download Photo
El gobierno chino ha designado la iglesia a la que pertenecía Lottie Moon -- Iglesia Wulin Shenghui -- como un sitio histórico y cultural nacional protegido. View Story | Download Photo