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After the training, messengers Gwendolyn James, center, and Barbara McKay talk with session leader Rob Tims, left, about ways to create trust within a small group. View Story | Download Photo
Rob Tims, a manager in groups ministry for LifeWay Christian Resources, leads training on "5 Helps for Getting to Application in Your Group" in the exhibit hall during the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Phoenix. View Story | Download Photo
OBU Bisons baseball team View Story | Download Photo
Four Southern Baptist national entity leaders shared their insights on adoption and foster care during a panel discussion June 13 at the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program booth at the Phoenix Convention Center. View Story | Download Photo
Chad Keck (from left to right) moderated a 20-minute discussion on adoption and foster care featuring Sandy Wisdom-Martin, WMU executive director and treasurer; Russell Moore, ERLC president; David Platt, IMB president; and Kevin Ezell, NAMB president (not in picture). View Story | Download Photo
Charles Draper View Story | Download Photo
North Carolina pastor Mark Harris considers run for Congress, cites "distinct need" for pastors to engage culture. View Story | Download Photo
Kameryn Slayton, 15, and Ashton Beeles, 16, from Bacon Heights Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, paint the roof of Charlene Meadows' backyard storage shed. They were two of 210 students who spent a week at World Changers doing various construction projects and ministry in Owensboro, Ky. View Story | Download Photo
Charlene Meadows, 64, said she was very appreciative of the work World Changers students did to repair her home. While they worked on construction projects, she visited with them and tended to the garden in her backyard. View Story | Download Photo
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, and President Trump met at the White House June 26. View Story | Download Photo
The first invitational time experienced 271 total decisions including 140 professions of faith, nine assurances of salvation, 101 restorations, 11 other decisions and 10 committing to ministry. View Story | Download Photo
More than 2 million people have worshiped at Falls Creek in its 100-year history. View Story | Download Photo
Anthony Jordan was the Falls Creek speaker for week one of the summer youth weeks. View Story | Download Photo
Anyone involved in urban ministry can benefit from the annual Black Church Leadership and Family Conference July 17 -21 in Ridgecrest, N. C., organizer Mark Croston told Baptist Press. View Story | Download Photo
Kentucky Baptist Convention finance and business services team leader Lowell Ashby, shown here speaking to mission board members, is leading a pilot initiative to allow church members to generate money for their churches by shopping. View Story | Download Photo
The recently installed Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol lays in pieces after a Van Buren man rammed it with his car early Wednesday morning, June 28. View Story | Download Photo
Michael Tate Reed View Story | Download Photo