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Bahri (North) Khartoum in relation to Nile and capital area. View Story | Download Photo
Frank S. Page, addressing the SBC Executive Committee, calls stewardship "a key to all we do" in Southern Baptist missions and ministry. View Story | Download Photo
Lori McDaniel View Story | Download Photo
Addressing modern-day slavery with kids can be difficult but important. The Global Slavery Index reports that up to 45.8 million people globally live in modern slavery through hard labor, human trafficking, forced marriages, forced labor, child labor, or debt bondage. Nearly one in three victims of slavery is a child. View Story | Download Photo
Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center is prohibited from operating out of its Jones Franklin Road office in Raliegh, N.C., since the residential space must be rezoned for use as a medical facility and the Raleigh City Council denied the group's rezoning request in 2016. View Story | Download Photo
Executive Committee chairman Stephen Rummage said the "prominence" of churches' escrowing CP funds justifies a "special look" at the issue. View Story | Download Photo
Jim Richards, executive director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (left), presented the Executive Committee with a special CP gift of $200,000. Frank S. Page, president and CEO of the EC, received the gift with gratitude. View Story | Download Photo
Norma McCorvey, la demandante anónima "Jane Roe" en el caso de aborto "Roe v. Wade", en una entrevista sin fecha de Reuters en su defensa pro-vida. View Story | Download Photo
Eric Greitens View Story | Download Photo
Freddy T. Wyatt View Story | Download Photo
El presidente del Comité Ejecutivo, Stephen Rummage, dijo que la "prominencia" de las iglesias que escrowing CP fondos justifica una "mirada especial" en el tema. View Story | Download Photo
Jason Spurlin learned of Lesley Cedillo's interest in a deeper faith through a Muslim employee at Mt. Hood Community College in metro Portland. View Story | Download Photo
The Northwest Collegiate Ministry at Mt. Hood Community College is flourishing once again with a new crop of leaders. View Story | Download Photo
The new Society for Women in Scholarship at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is a gathering place for ideas, networking, learning and leadership development among women at Southeastern who desire to be part of theological scholarship. The society holds monthly meetings on campus at Southeastern. View Story | Download Photo
A NASA rendering depicts what the surface may look like on one planet in the newly discovered TRAPPIST-1 system. View Story | Download Photo
This bathroom at Camp Smoky is the only place that can accommodate a row of Bible drillers from Roaring Fork Baptist Church in Gatlinburg, Tenn., whose church was destroyed by fire last November. From left are Kylie Brower, Chloe Devine, Sierra Devine, James Cooper, Jordan Deaver, Keegan Ward, Morgan Wallace, Brantley Cooper, Cinnamon Grey, Barret Crawley and Alex Willis. View Story | Download Photo
Ray Van Neste View Story | Download Photo
Pat Deshotel (top center) baptized these and nine others after First Baptist Church in Welsh, La., rallied to minister to its community stricken by flooding last August. View Story | Download Photo
Jonathan Akin View Story | Download Photo
Jarvis Williams View Story | Download Photo