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Joanna Duka (left) and Breanna Koski (center left), owners of Brush & Nib Studio, at news conference with their attorney, ADF Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs (center), following oral arguments at Arizona Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 2019 View Story | Download Photo
Sarah Dixon Young View Story | Download Photo
If Southern Baptists' unity is built on "all of us agreeing on everything, then there really is no hope for us all," said J.D. Greear, Southern Baptist Convention president, during his address to the SBC Executive Committee on Tuesday (Sept. 17). View Story | Download Photo
David Jeremiah View Story | Download Photo
Paul Chitwood, elected last fall to lead the International Mission Board, shared reports on the IMB's progress and said the entity "is fully committed to promoting all of the cooperative mission work of Southern Baptists, certainly including the Cooperative Program." View Story | Download Photo
Jamie Dew, elected in June as president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, delivered his first address to the SBC Executive Committee Sept. 17. He told members, "We've been delighted to discover a team of people there ... that love that city, love that school, love each other and are excited and ready to go." View Story | Download Photo
Adam Greenway, elected Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president in February, expressed gratitude to the "largest cumulative donor in the history" of the seminary, the Southern Baptist Convention to the convention's Executive Committee Sept. 17. "We are advocating, championing the work of our convention of churches through the Cooperative Program," Greenway said. View Story | Download Photo
Ben Mandrell, elected LifeWay Christian Resources president in late June, said during his first 90 days on the job he is focusing on tightening up mission, vision and values language. He also is learning about the many products LifeWay offers, like the brand new Legacy Bible, for which he showed SBC Executive Committee members a prototype. View Story | Download Photo
LaVerne Brown View Story | Download Photo
Pastor Jeremy Hatfield baptizes a young girl at Pleasant Valley Community Church, Owensboro, Ky., on Sunday (Sept. 15). View Story | Download Photo
Church planting and Gospel unity anchored much of the dialogue during the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee's September meeting, spotlighting a new mission emphasis and encouraging civility and understanding during the upcoming U.S. election cycle. View Story | Download Photo
Volunteers and staff members search for Iron Age pottery and artifacts at Tel Hadid in a new archaeological partnership between New Orleans Seminary and Tel Aviv University. View Story | Download Photo
Erika Spengler, a volunteer from Norco, La., loads a wheel barrel with excavation debris from Tel Hadid, nine miles from Tel Aviv. View Story | Download Photo
Tel Hadid is located near the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. A passenger jet readying to land flies over Area-AA Upper at the site. View Story | Download Photo
Keith Shorter View Story | Download Photo
"Dios nos ha bendecido enormemente", dijo Ronnie Floyd, presidente y CEO del Comité Ejecutivo de la Convención Bautista del Sur, durante su servicio de inauguración el lunes (16 de septiembre) en la Primera Iglesia Bautista, Nashville. "Debemos levantarnos". View Story | Download Photo
George Braswell cut the ceremonial ribbon to the George Braswell Missions and World Religions Library, which holds his collection of books and Iranian memorabilia. Over the years, Braswell and his wife Joan have served and taught throughout North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. View Story | Download Photo
George and Joan Braswell, the first Southern Baptist missionaries to Iran from 1968-1974, take a look at the George Braswell Missions and World Religions Library, dedicated on Sept. 12. View Story | Download Photo
Chelsea Sobolik (de izquierda a derecha) y Elizabeth Graham de la Comisión de Ética y Libertad Religiosa, la anfitriona de un podcast Jamie Ivey y la autora Ann Voskamp se unieron con Briana Stensrud, miembro de la comunidad Welcome en un viaje a El Paso, TX, del 3 al 4 de septiembre, para conocer a los inmigrantes que viven cerca de la frontera. View Story | Download Photo
Si la unidad de los bautistas del sur está edificada sobre "todos nosotros nos ponemos de acuerdo en todo, entonces en verdad no hay esperanza para todos nosotros," dijo J.D. Greear, presidente de la Convención Bautista del Sur, durante su discurso al Comité Ejecutivo de la SBC el martes (17 de septiembre). View Story | Download Photo
John Brady, the IMB’s vice president of global engagement, prays during the Fourth National Congress for Global Missions in the Philippines. At the congress, the IMB signed a partnership covenant with One Sending Body (OSB), the sending entity of five Baptist conventions in the Philippines. Pictured (left to right): Pastor James Fundar, OSB president; Todd Lafferty, IMB executive vice president; John Brady; Jess Jennings, IMB leader for the Philippines; Pastor Lino Caronongan, chair of OSB; Precy Caronongan, OSB secretary. View Story | Download Photo
Durante su visita a la Junta de Misiones Norteamericanas el miércoles 11 de septiembre, el presidente del Comité Ejecutivo de la SBC, Ronnie Floyd (derecha) desafió a los miembros del personal a "fomentar sin avergonzarse el compartir el Evangelio a Estados Unidos de América." El presidente de NAMB, Kevin Ezell está a la izquierda de la foto. Foto de la Junta de Misiones Norteamericanas. View Story | Download Photo
Rockport homeowner Sharon Sanders surveys destruction of her trailer. View Story | Download Photo