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Las noticias de los bautistas de Georgia se ofrecen en 11 idiomas

DULUTH, Ga. (BP) – Como el periódico religioso más antiguo del país que se publica continuamente, The Christian Index ha proporcionado noticias para y sobre los bautistas de Georgia desde 1822. Pero siempre ha sido exclusivamente en inglés hasta ahora.

Georgia Baptist news offered in 11 languages

DULUTH, Ga. (BP) – As the nation’s oldest continuously publishing religious newspaper, The Christian Index has provided news for and about Georgia Baptists since 1822. But it’s always been exclusively in English until now.

‘Father of contemporary Christian music’ dies at 94

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Often called the “father of contemporary Christian music,” Ralph Carmichael left his mark on the music industry in seven decades and at least as many genres. Carmichael died Wednesday (Oct. 20) at the age of 94.

Texas tightens restrictions on chemical abortions

AUSTIN, Texas (BP) – In another move to protect unborn life in the state, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill earlier this month that narrows the window of time doctors can prescribe medicine to induce a chemical abortion from 10 weeks into pregnancy to seven weeks. The rule, which also disallows the pills from being delivered by mail, takes effect in December, The Associated Press reported.

Litton habla de crisis, mayordomía del sufrimiento en SWBTS

FORT WORTH (BP) - En una conversación durante la capilla en Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) el martes (14 de septiembre), el presidente de la Convención Bautista del Sur, Ed Litton, abordó temas que van desde la obra de Dios a través del sufrimiento, la reconciliación racial, la crisis que enfrenta el Comité Ejecutivo de la SBC y las acusaciones de plagio que lo han perseguido desde principios de su presidencia.

TRUSTEES: EC responds to task force, authorizes funding at September meeting

NASHVILLE (BP) -- In its first meeting since messengers to the June 2021 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting called for an independent, third-party review of the SBC Executive Committee, the EC responded to several routine motions and moved to fund the independent review but declined to waive attorney-client privilege for the time being.

Litton talks crises, stewardship of suffering at SWBTS

FORT WORTH (BP) – In a conversation during chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Tuesday (Sept. 14), Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton addressed topics ranging from God’s work through suffering, racial reconciliation, the crisis facing the SBC Executive Committee and the accusations of plagiarism that have dogged him since early in his presidency.

Missouri’s oldest associational leader dies at 95

BUFFALO, Mo. (BP) – Russell Adams, associational missions strategist for the Dallas County Association of Southern Baptists has died. He was 95, and until earlier this month, he was still serving in his role leading the association.

Christian baker appeals ruling that he violated anti-discrimination law

DENVER (BP) – Christian baker Jack Phillips has appealed a ruling that he violated a Colorado anti-discrimination law by refusing to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition.

Twitter hashtag focuses on the good work of Southern Baptists

NASHVILLE (BP) – On a website that often makes social media look terribly anti-social, many Southern Baptists have been sharing some positivity with the Twitter hashtag #ThisistheSBC.