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Friday, October 26, 2012

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  • Bakkan oil field fuels need for church plants in Dakota region

  • World Series gives Mich. Baptists an entree

  • SBC's Richard Land endorses Romney

  • Death penalty repeal is on Calif. ballot

  • New ads: gay marriage will be taught in schools

  • Hispanic Consortium looks at outreach strategy

  • How to share Christ with your Muslim friends

  • Ind. Baptists urged to reach state's 7M people

  • ERLC search committee aims toward 2013 SBC

  • CULTURE DIGEST: Bible verses allowed on cheerleaders' banners

  • Estudiante universitaria se lanza a la aventura en la ciudad porteña chilena de los '42 cerros'

  • Consorcio hispano examina oportunidades de educación

  • El mercado laboral se está convirtiendo en un campo misionero