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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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  • 2009 REVIEW: Hope, change & more of the same

    by Will Hall, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--A number of stories grabbed national headlines for at least a brief time in the year that now was:

          -- The deaths of political icon Ted Kennedy and pop superstar Michael Jackson elicited heartfelt tributes as well as harsh critiques.

          -- Likewise, the country's collective conscience was disturbed to learn about Tiger Woods' adultery.

          -- Even the Swine Flu burst into public awareness, but despite dire predictions from the federal government and the United Nations, the epidemic did not rise to the severity of the seasonal flu viruses of 2008.

          However, 2009 will not be remembered for the merely tantalizing, or sensational, or even for a deeply emotional moment, but for the promises of enduring hope and change … and unfortunately for the frustrating realities of "more of the same."


          Shortly into 2009, The "Miracle on the Hudson" gave the nation an emotional surge of hope when on Jan. 15 US Airways Captain Chesley Sullenberger piloted his powerless aircraft to an emergency landing on the river, saving the lives of all 155 onboard after losing both engines to bird strikes seconds after takeoff.


          The lifted national spirit was a fitting precursor to the historic inauguration of the first African American president of the United States which took place five days later. Hope was the word of the day or at least the politically correct response as liberals and conservatives alike wrote and spoke reverently of the promise in the Declaration of Independence fulfilled in Barack Obama: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Whatever the true feelings of the political pundits, when all was said and done, it seemed most Americans were sincerely moved by the symbolism of how far we have come in race relations in the U.S. represented in Obama's election by a white majority electorate. Read More

  • Navy stand-out linebacker pursues Christ

    by Joshua Cooley, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    Photo courtesy of Navy Sports Information
    ANNAPOLIS, Md. (BP)--Scott Pospisil knew it years ago.

          He could see something unique in his eldest son. Ross Pospisil, now a senior linebacker at the U.S. Naval Academy who is preparing for the final game of an impressive four-year career, had plenty of typical boyish vigor, but there was something else. He also possessed a precocious tenderness. Ross loved to serve others. Read More

  • END TIMES: Humility essential in debate

    by Melissa Deming, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--While the majority of Southern Baptist seminary faculty members are premillennialists, some professors are re-examining their eschatological positions. In a survey conducted by the staff of the Southern Baptist TEXAN, some premillennialists indicated they did not hold their positions as adamantly as they used to.

    A handful of faculty members in Southern Baptist seminaries believe amillennialism best represents the biblical witness regarding last things. Of the Souther... Read More

  • END TIMES: Is there a generational gap?

    by Melissa Deming, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--As a 6-year-old growing up at a time when Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" was holding sway in Southern Baptist churches, Jerry Johnson was fascinated by the talk of end times.

    He later earned three theological degrees that prepared him for service at Boyce College, Criswell College and his current role as academic dean at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but Johnson still points to that early interest in eschatology as sparking his own desire to profe... Read More

  • END TIMES: Explaining dispensationalism

    by Norm Miller, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--Lamar E. Cooper is the interim president, as well as executive vice president, provost and professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, at Criswell College in Dallas. He is also a premillennial dispensationalist, who has to his credit the Ezekiel volume of the New American Commentary.

    Cooper granted the Southern Baptist TEXAN an interview in which he offered his insights on dispensationalism and related issues.

    Q: Why do you hold to a dispensational position?

    A: ... Read More

  • END TIMES: Book outlines major views

    by Jerry Pierce, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--"Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond," a book in Zondervan's popular Counterpoints series, provides a useful dialogue on the major millennial positions of Christian eschatology.

    Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary edited the decade-old book, which features proponents of postmillennialism, amillennialism and premillennialism by Kenneth Gentry, Robert Strimple and Craig Blaising with each offering an apologetic for their position followed by responses from ... Read More

  • Fay: Fear no excuse for not sharing faith

    by Staff, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--The fear of rejection is no excuse to avoid sharing the Gospel, says speaker and author Bill Fay, who suggests a change in perspective is all that's needed.

    Fay's book "Share Jesus Without Fear" has been used by churches and Christian schools nationwide as an evangelism tool, and he regularly speaks at Share Jesus Without Fear seminars.

    "The No. 1 reason that people do not share their faith is the fear of rejection," Fay, who attends Summit Church in Fort Myers,... Read More

  • FIRST-PERSON: Eschatology does matter

    by Gary Ledbetter, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--Thirty years ago I asked a group of college students what book of the Bible they would like to study at a home Bible study I led each week. Read More

  • WORLDVIEW: A decade in which God moved

    by Erich Bridges, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    RICHMOND, Va. (BP)--Ten years ago this month, many people were wondering if the world would end with the beginning of the new millennium. Read More

  • Erudito del AT explica los puntos de vista dispensacionalistas

    Por Norm Miller, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--Lamar E. Cooper es el presidente interino, además de vicepresidente ejecutivo, preboste y profesor de hebreo y Antiguo Testamento, en Criswell College en Dallas. También es un dispensacionalista premilenial, quien tiene crédito en el volumen de Ezequiel del New American Commentary.

    Cooper le concedió una entrevista a Southern Baptist TEXAN en la cual ofreció sus perspectivas sobre el dispensacionalismo y asuntos relacionados.

    P: ¿Por qué se apega usted a la posición dispensacionalista?

    R: Cada verdadero exégeta de la Escritura es dispensacionalista, creo, debido a que la Biblia tiene dos partes: el Antiguo Testamento o Antiguo Pacto y el Nuevo Testamento o Nuevo Pacto.

    Hay dos diferentes y contrastantes dispensaciones, una basada en la ley y la otra basada en la gracia. El escritor de Hebreos 12:26-29 se une al profeta Hageo (2:6, 7) al identificar dos reinos. Uno es un reino movible el cual será removido, el otro reino pronto a venir, es inamovible y eterno. Esas son dos dispensaciones contrastantes y separadas.

    Los premilenialistas, de los cuales yo soy uno, ven éstas claras, fácilmente entendibles y exegéticamente significantes verdades en la Biblia. Es difícil para mí verlo de alguna otra manera. La teología dispensacional puede significar un montón de cosas. Clarence Larkin dividió la historia humana en siete dispensaciones y realizó gráficos complicados para ilustrar sus ideas dispensacionalistas. C.I. Scofield popularizó el dispensacionalismo premilenial y sugirió fechas específicas para el cambio de una de las diferentes dispensaciones de la historia humana a la otra. Desafortunadamente, cuando usted se identifica con un pensamiento dispensacional, mucha gente lo pone a usted en esta categoría.

    Yo no soy un dispensacionalista premilenial como Larkin o como Scofield, pero no me contraigo de la verdad porque alguien más se haya tomado demasiadas libertades con ella. Estoy de acuerdo con mi mentor W.A. Criswell que el dispensacionalismo premilenial es una conclusión lógica desde una simple exégesis de la inerrante Palabra de Dios.

    P: ¿Piensa usted que la postura dispensacionalista se está desvaneciendo del escenario de la CBS? Read More

  • La humildad acompaña los criterios escatológicos

    Por Melissa Deming, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--Aunque la mayoría de los miembros de las facultades de los seminarios bautistas del sur son premilenialistas, algunos profesores están reexaminando sus posturas escatológicas. Read More

  • EDITORIAL: La escatología sí importa

    Por Gary Ledbetter, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--Hace treinta años le pregunté a un grupo de estudiantes universitarios qué libro de la Biblia quisieran estudiar en el estudio bíblico que tenía en mi casa semanalmente. Read More

  • EDITORIAL: Fundamento filosófico para sembrar iglesias

    Por Daniel R. Sánchez, posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (9 years ago)

    FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--Una de las preguntas más importantes que el sembrador de iglesias necesita contestar es: ¿Cuál es mi filosofía y mi estrategia con respecto a empezar nuevas iglesias? Tendrá que contestar también las siguientes preguntas: ¿Cuál es mi meta para la nueva congregación? ¿Será siempre una hija o llegará a ser una iglesia autónoma y reproductora? Read More