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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

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  • NEW BIRTH: Wife prays 50 years, husband accepts Christ

  • NEW BIRTH: Battling cancer, professional golfer finds true success in Christ

  • NEW BIRTH: Profs caused her doubt, but friends help woman find Truth

  • NEW BIRTH: From hockey to hope, home & heaven

  • Turn to the Scriptures to celebrate Christmas

  • FIRST-PERSON: A coming-of-age Christmas

  • FIRST-PERSON: The manger & the mall

  • FIRST PERSON: Can a Christian deny the virgin birth?

  • FIRST-PERSON: Cake, Kool-Aid & more on Dec. 25

  • Surviving the holidays when you don't feel like celebrating

  • To help kids with grief, understand their perspective

  • MARRIAGE DIGEST: Interviewer questions Gephardt's marriage position