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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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  • Platt: How giving in your church resounds God's glory

    by David Platt, posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (one year ago)

    Photo by Roy M. Burroughs/IMB
    RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- If you are reading this article, you are likely a part of one of more than 46,000 churches the International Mission Board partners with to spread the Gospel around the world, particularly among people who have never heard the Gospel.

    That's a pretty awesome thought: you and your church are joined with 46,000 other churches who say, "Together we want to get the Gospel to every person and group of people on the planet." And the primary way we do that together is by sending and supporting missionaries all over the world. Read More

  • Bivocational leaders serve growing church

    by Karen L. Willoughby, posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (one year ago)

    Photo courtesy of Community Baptist Church.
    MAYLENE, Ala. (BP) -- Community Baptist Church is served by a full complement of six bivocational leaders to minister to the 400 people who gather for worship each Sunday, to the larger community of about 7,000 located 20 miles south of downtown Birmingham, Ala., and to each of the bivocational leaders' workplaces.

    In addition to pastor Bo Brown, who works for the Social Security Administration, the worship leader, minister to families, education minister, student minister, and senior adult/children's minister all serve bivocationally at what is locally known as CBC Maylene. Read More

  • Fire-damaged churches: God is still with us

    by David Roach, posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (one year ago)

    Photo by Larry Burcham.
    GATLINBURG, Tenn. (BP) -- The pastors of three churches whose buildings sustained major damage in Gatlinburg, Tenn., wildfires Nov. 28 say God is at work in their congregations despite sadness and tragedy.

    Meanwhile, Tennessee Baptist Convention executive director Randy Davis has called for prayer amid ongoing ministry efforts by Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief workers. Read More

  • Zales gay marriage ad harms families, 1MM says

    by Diana Chandler, posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (one year ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- A lesbian couple's exchange of vows in a Zales Jewelers television commercial is harmful to families and inappropriately introduces gay marriage to children, One Million Moms (1MM) proclaims in its latest campaign to block offensive advertising.

    As Christmastime shopping is well underway, the advocacy group is urging Zales to discontinue the commercial. Read More

  • Christian hospitals opt out of Canada's euthanasia law

    by Samantha Gobba/WORLD News Service, posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (one year ago)

    WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada (BP) -- Two Christian hospitals in Winnipeg, Manitoba, have opted out of the assisted suicide law passed by Canada's government in June.

    Concordia Hospital, a Mennonite institution, and St. Boniface Hospital, a Catholic facility, announced they will not euthanize patients but agreed to refer those seeking assisted suicide to other groups that will. Read More

  • FIRST-PERSON: Whose property is it?

    by Timothy Paul Jones, posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (one year ago)

    Timothy Paul Jones sets forth counsel to pastors and to the people of God: "Leaders and laity alike are not the property of each other; together, they are the devoted property of God and God alone." Read More