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Friday, May 09, 2014

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  • Superhero mom juggles family & ministry challenges overseas

    by Laura Fielding, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    EAST ASIA (BP) -- They don't sport flowing capes. You won't find futuristic cars in their driveways. They don't even possess super-human powers. But missionary moms overseas are worthy of "superhero" status.

    Photo by Kate Weatherly/IMB
    Everyday responsibilities -- raising children, running a household, cleaning and cooking -- are a full-time job made all the more challenging by the stress of learning a new culture and language, supporting husbands in time-consuming ministries and reaching out to local believers in their own ministries.

    And there's homeschooling, managing health scares, assisting children with learning disabilities.

    These women power through these challenges daily and still manage to smile. But IMB missionary Olivia Brighton* says finding balance is not always easy.

    Not smooth sailing

    While still a teen, Olivia felt God giving her a passion to serve others overseas. After she met and married her husband Seth*, that passion became clear for both of them -- international missions.

    After several years of seminary and the birth of their first child, the Brightons moved in 2004 to serve as missionaries in East Asia.

    But Olivia and Seth's missionary career has been full of hurdles. They discovered their son has severe food allergies, made even more challenging by the limited choice of foods available in their city. Olivia spent a lot of time in the kitchen, and still does, "trying to figure out how to keep [our son] healthy and well-fed."

    At the same time, Seth's work required significant travel in the surrounding mountains, mapping where the people group they hoped to reach lived.

    "He loved it, loved it, and I was miserable, and that was really hard, specifically the first year, because I felt really lonely," Olivia says. "[Seth] knew that I was struggling and he tried to help, but it's really hard to do that when you're having such a great time."

    Olivia admits that first year she often thought about leaving East Asia, but knowing she would be disobeying God kept her there.

    The main thing

    The Brightons made it through that rough first year, settled into their ministry and expanded their family: Marcus*, now 10; Daisy*, 8; and Jared*, 2.

    Olivia tried to find balance with her own ministries but her main focus never wavered: "Most of my time is spent with our kids." She began homeschooling as the children came of age.

    She soon realized Marcus was struggling with school. In second grade he could read the entire book, "The Wizard of Oz," and answer questions about the story, but "he literally could not write a sentence," Olivia says. "He would fall in the floor crying, wailing."

    The Brightons discovered that Marcus suffers from a language processing disorder. Olivia decided to change her homeschooling format to a more classical form of education, which involves narration, dictation and copy work. The positive transformation in Marcus was significant. Read More

  • 'Under God' can stay in Pledge

    by Bob Smietana, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    BOSTON (BP) -- Reciting the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is constitutional, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled today (May 9). Read More

  • HGTV cancels show; stars called 'anti-gay'

    by David Roach, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- The Home & Garden Television network has cancelled an upcoming reality show, and the program's stars believe the move came in response to a firestorm of controversy surrounding their traditional Christian views on abortion and gay marriage. Read More

  • MOTHER'S DAY: What love does for your wife

    by Kathy Ferguson Litton, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    As you live with your wife in a climate of understanding, your love will be demonstrative and tangible, says Kathy Ferguson Litton, a pastor's wife and North American Mission Board ministry consultant. Read More

  • Marathoner & mother keeps ministry focus

    by Roger Alford, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    ASHLAND, Ky. (BP) -- A Baptist marathon runner who has raised more than $50,000 during the past year for an African mission has set an ambitious new goal. She plans to run eight marathons in eight months in eight states in what promises to be a grueling fundraising initiative.

          Amy Compston, a member of Unity Baptist Church in Ashland, Ky., wants to raise an additional $45,000 this year for a ministry serving people in the small town of Moyo, Uganda. Read More

  • Couple's focus: faith, family, music & baseball

    by Aaron Earls, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- Ben and Julianna Zobrist know what it's like to live under a microscope. Ben is a two-time Major League Baseball All-Star for the Tampa Bay Rays, while Julianna is a professional recording artist. Read More

  • FIRST-PERSON: Who are the real extremists?

    by Kelly Boggs, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    Baptist Press columnist Kelly Boggs addresses the recent controversy involving the HGTV show, "Flip It Forward," liberal views on homosexuality and the risks often associated with homosexual behavior. Read More

  • EDITORIAL: Como Desarrollar Frutos para la Eternidad

    by Gustavo Suárez, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    "No me elegisteis vosotros a mí, sino que yo os elegí a vosotros, y os he puestos para que vayáis y llevéis fruto, y vuestro fruto permanezca; para que todo lo que pidiereis al Padre en mi nombre, él os lo dé (Juan 15:16) Read More

  • Pastores hispanos comparten el Evangelio en una isla remota

    Por Ivy O'Neill, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    SURESTE DE ASIA (BP) –- Niños descalzos, atraídos por un grupo de pastores hispanos de los Estados Unidos, corrieron a toda velocidad saltando la canaleta de la iglesia ubicada en las colinas de una pequeña isla indonesia.

    Foto de Thomas Graham/IMB
    Mientras se acumulaba la muchedumbre dentro de la casa de uno de sus habitantes, los niños se reunieron afuera y se asomaban a través de los agujeros en medio de los carrizos de la casa de bambú, escuchando a los pastores.

    Como parte de la iniciativa Embrace de la Junta de Misiones Internacionales (IMB), los pastores visitaron esta comunidad para continuar el ministerio entre este grupo étnico escondido en una isla remota en el sureste de Asia. Entre los pastores estaba Raudel Hernández, miembro del equipo de liderazgo en The Summit Church en el área metropolitana de Raleigh/Durham, Carolina del Norte.

    "Se pensaban que este grupo ya tenia acceso al Evangelio, porque habían algunas iglesias católicas," dijo Hernández. De hecho, según sitios en la red tales como, dedicados a la investigación de grupos étnicos, dicen que incluso se consideraría a este grupo como uno predominantemente cristiano. Sin embargo, fue totalmente diferente lo que encontraron los equipos de exploración hispanos al llegar a la población.

    "Durante nuestros viajes iniciales, nos dimos cuenta… de que no hay Evangelio," dijo Hernández. "No tienen una Biblia."

    Pueblo tras pueblo, los pastores se toparon con dilapidados edificios de iglesias, abandonados y dejados a la merced del tiempo. Los pastores encontraron en mismo deterioro en los corazones de la gente que conocieron.

    Pero había una esperanza.

    En un pueblo pequeño, sus residentes llenaron una casita y escuchaban atentos. Mientras los niños jugaban afuera, los adultos preguntaron algunas cosas sobre los conceptos que estaban compartiendo los pastores.

    "No tienen una referencia de la historia de Dios y de la historia de Jesús, incluso quién es Dios y quiénes somos," dijo Hernández. ... Read More

  • Oración ayuda a pareja a confrontar paganismo y desamparo

    Por Ivy O'Neill, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    Foto de Thomas Graham/IMB
    SOUTHEAST ASIA (BP) -- Gabriela Alsina no sabía qué esperar cuando llegó al Sudeste de Asia, pero ella sí sabía esto: cada etapa de su viaje había sido envuelta en una oración contestada. Read More

  • Avance Hispano 2014

    Por el personal, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    BALTIMORE, Md. (BP) -- La reunión anual, Avance Hispano, para los pastores y líderes hispanos de nuestras iglesias Bautistas del Sur se celebrará el domingo, 8 de junio, en la bella ciudad de Baltimore. ... Read More

  • Mesquite Friendship Church va más allá del 1% del Reto de PC

    Por Karen L. Willoughby, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    MESQUITE, Texas (BP) -- Aceptar el Reto 1% PC para incrementar el dar en 1 por ciento al Programa Cooperativo de la Convención Bautista del Sur no fue suficiente para Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church (Iglesia Amistad Mesquite) en Mesquite, Texas. En vez de eso, ellos decidieron dar el 2 por ciento. Read More

  • Vázquez honrado por plantar iglesias hispanohablantes

    Por Bonnie Pritchett/Southern Baptist TEXAN, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    CONROE, Texas (BP) -- Para muchos afuera del estado, Texas es todavía tierra de vaqueros, plataformas petroleras y campesinos que trabajan fuerte -- o mejor dicho un paisaje homogéneo en el estado de la estrella solitaria. Pero las culturas y los lenguajes representados en el Retiro de Plantadores de Iglesias SBTC el 27 y 28 de marzo presentaron una situación diferente. Read More

  • EDITORIAL: Como Desarrollar Frutos para la Eternidad

    Por Gustavo Suárez, posted Friday, May 09, 2014 (4 years ago)

    "No me elegisteis vosotros a mí, sino que yo os elegí a vosotros, y os he puestos para que vayáis y llevéis fruto, y vuestro fruto permanezca; para que todo lo que pidiereis al Padre en mi nombre, él os lo dé (Juan 15:16) Read More