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Monday, April 26, 1999

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  • In the tragedy at Columbine High, let the world see a ‘greater love&#

    by Robert Norris, posted Monday, April 26, 1999 (19 years ago)

    EDITORS’ NOTE: The following sermon was preached in Littleton, Colo., April 25, by Robert Norris at Ken Caryl Baptist Church, which had 13 students at Columbine High School when 15 lives were claimed in an April 20 shooting spree. Norris is interim pastor of the church, located less than two miles from Columbine High, and director of missions for the Denver Association of Southern Baptist Churches.

    LITTLETON, Colo. (BP)--The carnage we witnessed this past week at Columbine High Schoo... Read More

  • Hogg urges Southern Baptists to break down racial walls

    by Bryan Cribb, posted Monday, April 26, 1999 (19 years ago)

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)--America owes a debt of blood to Charles Drew -- literally. Drew, an African American doctor in the early 20th century, developed methods of typing and storing blood. His work led to the practice of blood transfusions, which saved countless lives during World War II.

    Drew never patented his discoveries. He called them gifts from God. He did not want to create wealth -- only health.

    Involved in a car accident one fateful day, Drew ironically required the very discovery ... Read More

  • Beyond study failing to find ‘gay gene,’ such behavior still im

    by Tom Strode, posted Monday, April 26, 1999 (19 years ago)

    WASHINGTON (BP)--While a new study failed to find a genetic basis for homosexuality, a Southern Baptist ethicist says the discovery of such a link would not make homosexual behavior more morally acceptable.

    Researchers writing in the journal Science said they had been unable to confirm two studies from earlier this decade that reported linking male homosexuality to part of a chromosome, according to The New York Times.

    Ben Mitchell, an ethics professor at Southern Baptist Theological Semin... Read More

  • Rural church grows, builds, maintains 22% in CP giving

    by Carl M. White, posted Monday, April 26, 1999 (19 years ago)

    PEARL, Miss. (BP)--When Malcolm Pinion first drove around the curve and saw the rural church, he thought to himself, "No way am I coming here.”

    But the Lord had something else in mind.

    Now in his sixth year as pastor of Briar Hill Baptist Church in Rankin County, Miss., Pinion has seen the church grow from around 150 in Sunday school to around 300 and the budget grow from around $235,000 a year to more than $525,000.

    He also led the church in removing their old sanctuary, built in... Read More

  • Prof taps Romans 1 for principles in reaching postmodern America

    by Matt Sanders, posted Monday, April 26, 1999 (19 years ago)

    FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--Christians in America can no longer evangelize using only the Bible if they hope to reach people living in a postmodern nation, an evangelism professor said April 20 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    "If you go to someone's house and you knock on their door and you try to share with them the gospel and the only presentation you know is six Scriptures from the Bible and they say, ‘I don't believe the Bible,' then what?" asked Frank Harber at the Fort W... Read More

  • Grace, says Avalon leader, no longer taken for granted

    by Ken Walker, posted Monday, April 26, 1999 (19 years ago)

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Michael Passons had often sung about grace, but somehow had taken it for granted.

    “God has been teaching me about his grace,” said Passons, the founding member of Avalon, 1998’s Dove winner as New Artist of the Year on the basis of their self-titled inaugural album, “Avalon.”

    In March of this year, the group received its second Dove, when their “Testify to Love” was named best song in the pop-contemporary category.

    “... Read More