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Friday, April 11, 2008

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  • Gospel shared in black & white to reach Philly inner city

  • Pastor, Christian rapper reach culture

  • Artist blends Hip-hop, history & theology

  • WRAP-UP: Churches filling missions gaps

  • IMB appoints 92 new missionaries

  • Puerto Rican church helped save marriage

  • INTERNATIONAL DIGEST: Venezuela loses record $19B in private capital in 2007; ...

  • McCain 'committed to Christ,' pastor says

  • Huckabee wonders what might have been

  • Criswell trustees lay rumor to rest

  • Education loses in La.

  • Epiphany Fellowship Church Collection

  • Nueva iglesia portorriqueña ayudó a salvar un matrimonio

  • Los adversarios del Diseño Inteligente no son rivales para Stein en 'Expelled'

  • AFA refuta los correos electrónicos que McDonald's envía a los ciudadanos

  • El 20º Cruce annual inscribe voluntarios