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Thursday, March 24, 2005

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  • Judge denies latest request to reinsert tube

  • Attorney's affidavit: Terri tried to say ‘I want to live’

  • Terri Schiavo's family and supporters continue vigil for her life; waiting, hoping & praying for miracle on somber Good Friday

  • Schiavo's parents denied again; Judge says ADA doesn't apply

  • Schiavo supporters continue 24-hour vigil outside of hospice

  • Mayo Clinic neurologist argues Schiavo is not in PVS

  • Does media bias impact opinion polls on Schiavo?

  • Welch says SBC could see 'something extraordinary'

  • WINNING SPIRIT: Marlins chaplain goes the extra mile for players

  • High court lets stand death penalty for converted murderer

  • Troops, families draw support from outreach via magazines

  • FIRST-PERSON: In search of Jesus ... at the cross

  • FIRST-PERSON: Meet Jean-Dominique Bauby