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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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  • Austin bombings: Pastors unite in prayer

    by Grace Thornton, posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (8 months ago)

    Screen capture from MSNBC
    AUSTIN, Texas (BP) -- The spate of bombings in Austin that had everyone in the city on "high alert" may be over after suspect Mark Anthony Conditt killed himself with an explosive Wednesday (March 21).

    The latest development left many Christian leaders thankful the situation didn't become far worse, said David Smith, executive director of Austin Baptist Association.

    "Though we grieve for the families, I think the casualty count was as low as it was because of prayer," said Smith, who noted that Austin's existing network of pastors had responded quickly to the crisis with unified prayer. "I believe God allowed this guy to make enough mistakes that it kept things from being even more serious than they were." Read More

  • Women's discipleship underscored at NOBTS event

    by Marilyn Stewart, posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (8 months ago)

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    NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- At home or on the job, women committed to discipleship and transformed by Christ can change the world, speakers said at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's "Discipling women into the future" conference.

    Rhonda Kelley, wife of NOBTS President Chuck Kelley, said the March 15-16 sessions aimed to equip women to minister through the church to other women, which the seminary's women's academic programs likewise do. Read More

  • Kennedy: Calif. law may present 'undue burden'

    by Tom Strode, posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (8 months ago)

    WASHINGTON (BP) -- Free-speech and pro-life advocates left the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday (March 20) with multiple reasons to expect the justices will strike down a California law that requires pregnancy care centers to promote abortion services.

    Supporters of pro-life pregnancy centers in the case heard a centrist Supreme Court justice, then a liberal one, signal disapproval of the measure during oral arguments. Those pointed evaluations, plus the skepticism expressed by several other justices, offered opponents of the law strong hope the threat to such centers would die in this case. Read More

  • American pastor charged with 'terrorism' in Turkey

    by David Roach, posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (8 months ago)

    IZMIR, Turkey (BP) -- American pastor Andrew Brunson has been indicted in Turkey on charges of terrorism. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) claims the charges amount to an admission "that Turkey considers sharing the Gospel an 'act of terrorism.'"

    "The 62-page indictment, wholly lacking merit, provides no evidence regarding criminal action by Pastor Andrew, which comes as no surprise," the ACLJ stated in a March 20 news release. "Pastor Andrew, who has lived in Turkey for 23 years, serving as Pastor of the Izmir Resurrection Church, has maintained his innocence and has reiterated that he has been in Turkey for only one reason, to tell about Jesus Christ. Incredibly, the indictment now admits that Turkey considers sharing the Gospel an 'act of terrorism.'" Read More

  • Billy Graham's back -- on the radio

    by Bob Smietana, posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (8 months ago)

    BGEA photo
    NASHVILLE (BP) -- Billy Graham may be gone from this world, but you can hear his voice on the radio -- at least for the next few days.

    A Billy Graham tribute channel on SiriusXM will broadcast Graham's sermons around the clock at least through Easter.

    The channel is a collaboration between SiriusXM and the Charlotte, N.C.-based Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, according to the Charlotte Observer. Read More

  • FIRST-PERSON: Do it anyway

    by Randy L. Bennett, posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (8 months ago)

    Randy Bennett recounts his daughter's "do-it-anyway" perseverance in launching a children's ministry at church, starting with no volunteers and no budget -- an initiative that now is flourishing, most recently with a young girl's baptism. Read More