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Hana (center), a persecuted Christian in Southwest Asia, wears a burqa to hide her identity at a press conference announcing Open Doors' 2019 World Watch List of Christian persecution. With her are Open Doors President David Curry and Helene Fisher, Open Doors global gender persecution specialist. Screen capture from Facebook

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'Trying to be Jesus': 4 testimonies of persecution

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Hana describes her most distressing experience as a persecuted Christian in Southwest Asia as perhaps her greatest joy. She was in the hospital trying to console her closest friend, who lost her unborn baby and suffered severe injuries during a church bombing. "Sitting in a dingy room with somebody who needed sunlight and fresh air, and trying to be that sunlight and fresh air for them, trying to console them, trying to be Jesus to them," Hana described the moment to Baptist Press Jan. 15. "Then perhaps I will change my statement and say that that wasn't the worst experience, but perhaps it's been the most rewarding and beautiful experience." Read More