April 23, 2014
Couple served & saved 30 years
NEW YORK CITY (BP) -- When Samuel Wong was 32, he and his wife sold everything they had in Hong Kong and moved to New York City. Read More
Chinese Baptist church launches in W.Va.
SCOTT DEPOT, W.Va. (BP) -- A new Chinese congregation will join the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists this fall. Read More
Trapped missionaries tell Kenya mall ordeal
NAIROBI, Kenya (BP) -- The day before terrorists seized Nairobi's Westgate Shopping Mall, International Mission Board missionary Bert Yates was there. Read More
Colo. snowfall greets SBDR workers
BOULDER, Colo. (BP) -- The first day of fall brought snow to Estes Park, Colo., and caution to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers who will respond to flooding there. Read More
Faith-based dorm filled at state univ.
TROY, Ala. (BP) -- A state university has become the first in Alabama to offer a faith-based dorm to students who meet certain requirements, such as a 2.5 GPA and a letter of recommendation from a minister or other community leader. Read More
Students gather at flagpoles for prayer
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Teenagers across the country gathered at school flagpoles before classes on Sept. 25 for the 23rd annual See You at the Pole day of student prayer. Read More
Congregation sells building to help church plant
TORONTO (BP) -- What Crossroads Church in Hinesville, Ga., is doing to obey God and penetrate lostness in Toronto seems crazy. They are, you might say, at a bit of a crossroads and have decided to take the path less traveled. Read More
Tuesday night revival set for Baltimore
NASHVILLE (BP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention will continue at its 2014 Baltimore convention the Tuesday night revival instituted this year, the Committee on Order of Business has announced. Read More
CULTURE DIGEST: 'Spiritually innocent,' Gosnell says
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, convicted in May of first-degree murder in the killing of babies born alive, says he is "spiritually innocent" and remains "comfortable with the things" he did. Read More
First Person
Frank S. Page
CALL TO PRAYER: Praying for our state conventions
Frank S. Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, emphasizes the importance of state Baptist conventions in the task of the Great Commission and urges prayer for the conventions, especially as they gather for their annual meetings.
R. Albert Mohler Jr.
FIRST-PERSON: Stronger together -- state Baptist conventions & the SBC
Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. sets forth the value in Southern Baptist life of state Baptist conventions.
Mike Gonzales
EDITORIAL: Sirviendo Al Señor
En la vida Cristiana el servicio que le damos a Dios es muy importante. Veamos lo que dice la Palabra de Dios: ...

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