September 16, 2014
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (BP) -- Matthew Hallenbeck got a phone call no pastor wants to get on a Sunday morning. The church was on fire.

An incapacitated driver had plowed into Bellewood Baptist Church in Syracuse, N.Y., early that morning causing massive damage -- and a fire. The church decided -- as they worshipped together outside on a cool, crisp October morning -- to rebuild again.

Yet no one worshipping on the church lawn knew exactly how the congregation would come up with the hundreds of thousands of dollars that would be needed.

Now, a year and a half later, Bellewood is just months from worshipping in a new building -- thanks, in part, to a church nearly 900 miles away and the Appalachian Regional Ministry that connected the two.

First Baptist Church in Barnwell, S.C., looking for a new mission trip to replace one that had been cancelled, found out about Bellewood's need through Bill Barker, ARM's longtime executive director. First Baptist then scheduled a construction trip to help Bellewood. It was the first of several volunteer connections made by ARM to help the New York church.

"One of the reasons I'm Southern Baptist is that I believe in the Cooperative Program," Hallenbeck said of the help Bellewood received from volunteers through the Appalachian Regional Ministry. "Southern Baptists learned a long time ago that we can do a lot more together than we can by ourselves. This just proves it to me -- these people coming together and working with us to build the church.

"It's not something we could have done on our own."

ARM started in 1999 as a partnership of 13 state conventions, the North American Mission Board and Woman's Missionary Union. It has been a catalyst for nearly 600,000 volunteers' ministry throughout the region. More than 60,000 people have come to faith in Christ through ministries associated with ARM. Read More
BALTIMORE (BP) -- Baptist Press is live blogging the SBC annual meeting in Baltimore. Updates can be read here, at our Twitter account (, or our Facebook account ( Want more updates? Follow our SBC annual meeting feed at A schedule of the Wednesday meeting can be found at Watch the SBC annual meeting live here. Read More
Teen birth rate drops; deeper issues remain
'We know that abstinence is a message that resonates with teens.' -- Valerie Huber
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The teenage birth rate in the United States has fallen to the lowest level since 1946, according to the latest data from National Center for Health Statistics. Read More
Land's comments on Trayvon Martin shooting meet with commission's regret, investigation
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- Comments by Richard Land about the Trayvon Martin killing "have angered many and opened wounds from the past," the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission's executive committee said in a statement released April 18.
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Seminary Ext. retiree: 'Never stop learning'
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- Vivian Buttrey begins to name former Seminary Extension executive directors, recalling all but one.

"I've forgotten more than a lot of people remember," said Buttrey, who retired this spring after nearly 36 years with the joint ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention's six theological seminaries. Read More
Coalition urges hearings on porn's harm
The Justice Department "has stopped all enforcement of these laws at a time when our nation is suffering an untreated pandemic of harm from pornography." War on Illegal Pornography coalition
WASHINGTON (BP) -- A coalition that includes a Southern Baptist ethicist has written to Congress urging hearings on the harm of pornography and the need to enforce obscenity laws.
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First Person
Phil Boatwright
MOVIES: 'The Lucky Ones'? Not us
Movie reviewers Phil Boatwright says "The Lucky Ones" might have a Christian author and producer behind it, but it has enough objectionable content that it will offend many Christian moviegoers.

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