September 1, 2014
As noted in this poster, creationist Ken Ham (right) faced off against Bill Nye "The Science Guy" at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati.
PETERSBURG, Ky. (BP) -- Hundreds of thousands of people comprised an international audience to watch a debate between creationist Ken Ham and evolutionist Bill Nye, demonstrating a vibrant interest in origins in an era when many consider the topic settled science. Read More
BALTIMORE (BP) -- Baptist Press is live blogging the SBC annual meeting in Baltimore. Updates can be read here, at our Twitter account (, or our Facebook account ( Want more updates? Follow our SBC annual meeting feed at A schedule of the Wednesday meeting can be found at Watch the SBC annual meeting live here. Read More
Ezell: Help churches 'redefine success'
INDIANAPOLIS (BP) -- Kevin Ezell told trustees of the North American Mission Board he is determined to help pastors and laypeople redefine what success looks like for their churches. Read More
NAMB trustees see Indy's lostness firsthand
INDIANAPOLIS (BP) -- As the beginning flakes of 7-plus inches of snow landed on Indianapolis, North American Mission Board trustees boarded buses to see how four church planters are pushing back lostness in the city. As they entered the buses, the hand of each trustee was stamped with a number -- 1943. Read More
Crime, poverty flavor couple's outreach
INDIANAPOLIS (BP) -- Many families with four small children wouldn't consider moving to a neighborhood with high crime and poverty rates and crumbling homes -- the kind of place you protect your children from, not move them to. Read More
Rainer: LifeWay making significant progress
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Trustees of LifeWay Christian Resources approved a request for information about mental health resources and received a state of the ministry report from President Thom S. Rainer during their Feb. 3-4 meeting in Nashville. Read More
First Person
R. Albert Mohler Jr.
FIRST-PERSON: Sports - America's new religion
Big-time sports represent America's new civic religion, and football is its central sacrament, seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. says.

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