July 26, 2014
FIRST-PERSON: The forgotten hurricane
Posted on Nov 27, 2006 | by Frank Page

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TAYLORS, S.C. (BP)--I participated in a rally in southeast Texas recently to help bring attention to the plight of some 60,000 persons whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Rita.

We are all aware of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina. I have called for Godís people in the Southern Baptist Convention to be very active in that recovery effort, and I continue to ask people to pray about their involvement in that area.

But I also have become aware of a great need in southeast Texas which has been forgotten by many. Many churches, homes and businesses were destroyed in the southeast Texas region by Hurricane Rita last year. Though much smaller in size, the need is great. One group of Southern Baptists has joined together in a ministry called Nehemiahís Vision (www.nehemiahsvision.com). This wonderful group of Southern Baptists is working hard to coordinate volunteers and resources with the great needs in that area.

Would you pray about your churchís involvement in that area of ministry? Would you consider being a person of influence to assist in that area? Just as I have prayed that Southern Baptists will be able to help reshape New Orleans for the cause of Christ, here is yet another opportunity to make a difference for our Lord in ministering in physical ways as well as spiritual ways to needy and hurting persons.

My admiration goes to anyone who follows the example of our Lord Jesus in ministering to this hurting world. We do it for the cause of Christ and for the glory of God.
Frank Page is president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of First Baptist Church in Taylors, S.C. Visit his website at www.sbc.net/PresidentsPage.
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