September 15, 2014


PULLMAN, Wash. (BP) -- Rob Warren felt a bit lonely as he trekked from Ohio to Washington State.

A church planter on the campus of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Warren joined 85 other collegiate ministry leaders for three days of learning at Resonate Church's plants at Washington State University in Pullman and the University of Idaho in Moscow.

"Sometimes you just feel alone -- like 'Are we the only ones doing collegiate church planting?'" said Warren, pastor of a church named h2o at the Ohio campus. "You're looking to yourself to figure out what you should do next, but then you come here and you engage all of these other collegiate church planters and hear their stories. We can swap ideas."

The "Hitchhiker's Guide to Resonate" conference was sponsored by the North American Mission Board at one of the fastest-multiplying Southern Baptist collegiate church plants in North America.

Many of those who attend campus church plants learned to drive during the Obama administration. Part-time earners provide a large portion of the tithes. And the plants face a turnover in membership every four to five years.

It's easy for a collegiate church planter to think he's struggling through such challenges by himself.

Resonate ( -- which was featured in a video at last summer's SBC annual meeting in Houston -- began in 2007 when Keith and Paige Wieser and a handful of others started the church to reach the 20,000-plus students at Washington State University.

By the 2013-14 school year, Resonate's attendance had climbed to more than 800. They've also grown to four locations throughout Pullman, Wash., and Moscow, Idaho. This fall, Resonate will launch a church plant on the campus of Central Washington University in Ellensburg.

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