September 15, 2014


RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- Rahima* barely makes a living begging on the busy streets of Bangladesh. As Rahima and her two young daughters sat down on the edge of the sidewalk to eat a bag of cooked rice and vegetables, photographer Joanna B. Pinneo sees a story unfolding before her eyes and takes the shot.

Each year IMB releases a special collection of their images taken during the past year. Many of those images compel Southern Baptists to give and go on missions to help relieve suffering through sharing the love of Christ. This article includes links to images and audio comments from photographers who covered the stories overseas.

This year, IMB's CommissionStories magazine also was recognized by Pictures of the Year International as a finalist in their Best Publication Division/Best Magazine category. National Geographic received top honors in that category for Best Use of Photography by a Magazine. German Geo and the International Mission Board were the category's finalists. For more information about the award go to

The following includes more details behind IMB's photographs. Click here to see full collection.

Begging for a better life

Through Pinneo's lens she was able to share Rahima's story.

See the image here.
Listen to Pinneo's comments here.

Rahima and her family are forced to make a living in the best and most respectable way they can. This life of mere survival is not Rahima's choice. Her hope and dream is that her two daughters will have a better education and environment than she has had and become "good women." Rahima said, "I do not have any dream for myself. I only have dream and hope for my children."

The Light of Hope Learning Center seeks to give girls an opportunity to expand their horizons and to make a living for themselves. The school, started by Southern Baptist worker Geri Hennerman,* lifts the girls up spiritually and provides them an education and handicraft skills. The teachers approach each girl as a whole person, treating them with respect, love and care. (See related stories from BP's May 14, 2013, edition). Read More

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