September 15, 2014


SOCHI, Russia (BP) -- Amid tight security, the 2014 Winter Olympics commenced with impressive opening ceremonies, while Baptist volunteers from across the United States arrived to be part of the international festivities.

Inside Sochi's "ring of steel," consisting of 40,000 armed Russian troops, anti-aircraft weapons and a myriad of military surveillance tactics, the five Olympic rings welcomed thousands of athletes, fans, diplomats and dignitaries to the Sochi Games.

"Who knows what God is up to here? It’s humbling to have a front row seat."
-- Southern Baptist volunteer in Sochi
President Vladimir Putin ushered in the Games during the opening ceremonies at Fisht Olympic Stadium -- stirring a sense of competition, camaraderie and inspiration.

Among those present is a select group partnering under the name Engage Sochi. Their purpose is simple: to make a difference for Christ before, during and after the 2014 Winter Olympics. The Southern Baptist volunteers journeyed thousands of miles despite persistent media attention to fears of terrorist threats.

Engage Sochi is a network of Southern Baptists seeking to create opportunities for meaningful conversations with those living and working in Sochi or who are attending the Games. Volunteers hail from across the United States, including Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Georgia and Alabama.

Scheduled to perform are the Singing Men of Oklahoma, Woman's Missionary Union drama teams and ministry teams from Missouri and Colorado intent on sharing the love of Christ.

Volunteers engage people throughout the community, walking in the knowledge that thousands around the world are praying for them and for Sochi during the coming weeks.

"Never in our lives have we felt the prayers of people so tangibly," one volunteer said. "Even tonight, a casual conversation on the train turned into a person helping us, and a really good local contact was made."

As people respond and ask questions, steps are taken to ensure that once they return home, they are connected with a local community of believers, regardless of where they live throughout the world.

To stay connected with Engage Sochi during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, visit the Facebook page for the outreach, and use its hashtag for the games -- #pray4sochi.

Engage Sochi prayer request

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