August 22, 2014


MACOMB, Mich. (BP) -- Scott Blanchard is familiar with all of the public perceptions of Detroit and its surrounding area –- the Motor City is dying, no one wants to live there, the area church can't survive.

But the Detroit-area native and Southern Baptist church planter refuses to believe those perceptions.

During the past three years as he has planted Lakepointe Church in Macomb, Mich., just outside Detroit, he has seen a different story take root.

In its brief lifetime, Lakepointe Church has grown to more than 200 in attendance on most weekends. The church has seen 52 people baptized -- and they have even begun the process of planting another church.

Not only has Blanchard successfully planted and grown a church in one of the toughest-to-reach metro areas in North America, he has done so despite being 80 percent deaf. Even though his hearing loss has led to a speech impediment, Blanchard thinks it actually helps him when communicating the Gospel. Church attendees have to listen carefully to get everything he says.

It has also provided a variety of outreach connections with families impacted by disability.

"I think God uses me to inspire people to serve Him," Blanchard says. "If God can use me, He can use anyone."

Blanchard is one of six missionaries featured this year by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) as part of its 2014 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering promotion. Detroit is one of 32 Send North America cities NAMB is bringing special emphasis and resources to in its effort to help Southern Baptists start 15,000 new churches in 10 years. Half of NAMB's financial support comes from the Annie Armstrong offering.

Blanchard moved back to metro Detroit from Florida in 2008, just months after the economic meltdown devastated the nation as a whole -- but also Detroit and its auto industry in particular. Over the next year an entire team of people from Florida sold their homes and came to help Blanchard in the planting process.

"For me, I looked at it as the perfect opportunity for us to come up here and be a fresh breath of air," Blanchard said. "We're trying to be very community focused. We want the community to know that we're here for them. We want to help."

The new church has leaned upon large events to attract people to hear and respond to the Gospel. In the past three years Lakepointe's strategy for connecting with the community has involved college athletes, famous actresses, war heroes and Easter egg drops. Vacation Bible School has also been a key outreach for the church.

Last fall the church had its largest worship service yet when 376 people came to hear 1980s sitcom -- and recent "Survivor" -- star Lisa Whelchel share her testimony. Eight people made professions of faith during the worship service.

Lakepointe focuses on reaching people who wouldn't normally attend church -- people who've either never attended church regularly or have been disconnected for some time.

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