August 23, 2014


JOHANNESBURG (BP) - A young child sits on the side of the road in Madagascar crushing rocks with a hammer almost too heavy for him to hold.

Another accidentally slices his hand open with a machete while opening cocoa pods on a plantation in Ghana.

A young teenage girl, trafficked for the sex industry, walks the beaches of Kenya looking for business.

A young boy squats naked in a mineshaft in Burkina Faso, chipping ore and loading it into buckets all day long. Read More

Snowboarder seeks to inspire beyond Sochi
MAMMOTH LAKES, Calif. (BP) -- U.S. Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark knows some of the trappings that come with athletic success. A four-time Olympian, she has seen those temptations herself.
That's one reason she decided four years ago to start the Kelly Clark Foundation to help others compete in the sport that she loves so much. Read More
'Get me out of this,' trafficking victim says
JOHANNESBURG (BP) -- She was just a child, and she trusted him. He was her pastor. Yet he raped her, and no one believed her story. Read More
Singer shares story behind 'Set Her Free'
JOHANNESBURG (BP) -- "She is wonderful and beautiful, treasured and unique. She is heaven's child, full of hopes and dreams, valued and esteemed. Set her free!" Read More
Documentary examines True Love Waits
NASHVILLE (BP) -- After 20 years and millions of pledge cards, has True Love Waits had a positive impact and does it still matter?
A new documentary by LifeWay Films examines the history and future of True Love Waits. ... Read More
South Sudan conflict drives pastor from home
ARUA, Uganda (BP) -- "Father, what has happened to these people?"
John Monychol quieted his young daughter as they ran past body after body. Read More

First Person
Erich Bridges
WORLDVIEW: Rumors of wars
Columnist Erich Bridges says a new era of upheaval is unfolding in the world, and believers cannot wait for general stability in order to take the Gospel to the dangerous nations.
Phil Boatwright
MOVIES: Feb. 14 transcends sweethearts
Valentine's Day is not just for sweethearts, but can be celebrated as a time to let family members know how much they are treasured. Movie critic Phil Boatwright offers family-friendly love stories to enjoy this holiday.



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