September 15, 2014


SOCHI (BP) -- In the basement of a church hung a forgotten American flag, and when John Christensen laid eyes on it, he knew it was the flag he'd been praying for to take to the Sochi Olympics. Read More

Iraqi Christians feel 'forgotten' amid violence
BAGHDAD (BP) -- When Don Alan* thinks of Iraq, he thinks of friends who sit trembling in their walled neighborhoods, afraid to take their kids to school.

There's good reason for their fear, he said. January 2014 was Iraq's deadliest month in nearly six years. Read More
Page: Open dialogue improves ethnic relations
ATLANTA (BP) -- Ethnic and racial tensions still exist in the Southern Baptist Convention but can heal through transparency, honesty and divine intervention, SBC Executive Committee President Frank Page told the African American Advisory Council assembled in Atlanta.
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Hobby Lobby files brief with Supreme Court
WASHINGTON (BP) -- In a case that could reverberate for decades, Hobby Lobby filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court Monday (Feb. 10) asking the court to protect the religious liberty of the craft chain's owners in regard to the Health and Human Services contraception mandate.
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New gay marriage rules hamper states
"The DOJ decision is going to increase the determination of activists to force states to adopt unbiblical views of marriage."
- Barrett Duke
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The U.S. Justice Department's new, wide-ranging policies supporting same-sex marriages even in states where such unions are illegal came as no shock but will hamper states' efforts to govern on the issue, says a Southern Baptist public policy expert. Read More
2nd VIEW: Maine church planters envision communities' spiritual warming
CARIBOU, Maine (BP) -- Aroostook County, located in northern Maine and known to residents simply as "The County," takes up half the state's land mass but makes up only 5 percent of its population. Read More

First Person
Martha Bailey
FIRST-PERSON: Encouragement amid a difficult pregnancy
Martha Bailey, a pastor's wife, author and speaker, recounts the unusual encouragement she received for persevering through a difficult pregnancy -- all the way into the delivery room.



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