April 18, 2014


KATHMANDU, Nepal (BP) -- No one wanted to hear his words, Agni Amrit* says, hanging his head so low it almost rests on his checkered tie.

Amrit asked 10 people in Kathmandu, Nepal, if he could share a story about his God. Everyone he approached told him to scat. No one wanted to hear about another God -- they already have plenty in Hinduism.

Drew Neely*, an IMB representative and church planting trainer, repeats what Amrit has told him.

Amrit nods.

"I hope that gives you joy," Neely says, pausing for Amrit to meet his gaze.

"Brother, when those 10 people rejected you, you shared in the suffering of Christ and that should be cause for rejoicing." Read More

Survey: Most back contraception mandate
NASHVILLE (BP) -- The majority of adults in America believe businesses and organizations, even those with conflicting religious principles, should be required to provide coverage of contraception and birth control for their employees, according to a survey by LifeWay Research. Read More
Land: Senate needs to reject disabilities treaty
WASHINGTON (BP) -- Southern Baptist ethicist Richard Land has urged defeat of a controversial treaty the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on Tuesday (Dec. 4). Read More
Zig Ziglar gets 'See You at the Top' farewell
PLANO, Texas (BP) -- Hundreds paid tribute to Zig Ziglar during a memorial service Saturday (Dec. 1) at Prestonwood Baptist Church, which pastor Jack Graham called a "See You at the Top celebration." Read More

First Person
Mark Coppenger
FIRST-PERSON: Israel's plight
Columnist Mark Coppenger says if Israel gives in to the demands of the Palestinians, it would be the end of the Jewish nation.



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