September 16, 2014


ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar (BP) -- Mason Barrett sits wide-eyed in a tiny, crowded living room in Madagascar's capital city, trying desperately to understand what anyone around him is saying. Hands fly in a flurry of conversation, mostly get-to-know-you type questions: What's your name? Are you married?

Were you born deaf?

That last question might sound strange if this wasn't one of the thousands of Deaf communities that Barrett has come to serve. The real estate agent is part of a team from Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, Ga., that's traveled more than 9,000 miles for a single purpose: sharing Jesus with the Deaf Malagasy. Read More

Online map shows mission needs to volunteers
ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) -- When the Baptist Convention of New England came into possession of an old church building in Massachusetts, BCNE leaders knew exactly what they wanted to do with it.
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Iran nuclear deal bypasses imprisoned pastor
CAIRO, Egypt (BP) -- As western powers prepare to ease
Imprisoned U.S.-Iranian pastor Saeed Abedini has been transferred to Rajaei-Shahr Prison about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Tehran. The prison reportedly is more brutal than Evin Prison in Tehran where Abedini had been held since his arrest in July 2012. Photo by Morning Star News
economic sanctions against Iran as part of a new nuclear non-proliferation treaty, human rights activists say leverage for prisoners of faith is being undercut.
An unnamed human rights advocate and researcher who monitors Iran for Christian Solidarity Worldwide told Morning Star News his colleagues in different human rights groups were concerned when they learned human rights had not been part of the negotiations with Iran, specifically about prisoners of faith. In the quest to obtain some sort of agreement with the Iranians, they said pursuit of basic rights for Christians and other religious minorities was set aside. Read More
Pastors call 2nd prayer meeting for revival
ATLANTA (BP) -- Building from a prayer gathering of senior pastors this fall, a group of Southern Baptist pastors is inviting pastors, other ministers and ministry students to participate in a two-day prayer meeting in Atlanta Jan. 13-14. Read More
Ohio Baptists focus on prayer
PERRYSBURG, Ohio (BP) -- With a focus on prayer and a goal to reach 1 million of 11.5 million residents in their state with the Gospel, 254 Ohio Baptist messengers plus guests gathered for their 60th annual meeting.
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C.S. Lewis, apostle Paul bonded on justice
JACKSON, Tenn. (BP) -- To right the world's wrongs is what justice is all about -- a point that both C.S. Lewis and the apostle Paul shared in their messages about redemption, an expert on Lewis' life, Harry Lee (Hal) Poe, told a chapel audience on the 50th anniversary of Lewis' death Nov. 22. Read More

First Person
Thom S. Rainer
FIRST-PERSON: Pastors & Christmas gifts
NASHVILLE (BP) -- I received a query from a person recently who indicated his curiosity and perhaps concern about how pastors are treated at Christmastime. On topics similar to this, I typically hear from one or two persons who are eager to point to pastors who feel entitled or who are treated too lavishly.



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