September 2, 2014


TACLOBAN, Philippines (BP) -- Suzie Miller sat on her mattress, floating on the second level of her flooding home, not knowing whether she and her husband would survive Typhoon Haiyan.

But Suzie and her husband Carl -- among 26 IMB missionaries in the Philippines -- knew they were exactly where God wanted them: in their home in Tacloban during the massive storm.

The entire experience, Suzie said, was a testament to God's provision and the power of prayer.

As the typhoon engulfed the Tacloban peninsula on Friday, Nov. 8, Suzie said it sounded like a semitrailer was passing. The torrential wind and rain shattered glass windows in their home and water began pouring in from the deluge and from storm surge waves pushed inland from the ocean. The first thing Suzie grabbed was a prayer journal she has had since college.

Upstairs, the Millers climbed with their two dogs onto a mattress floating in the water in their bedroom.

They had just returned from Cebu City, where they had the option to remain until the typhoon passed. But they believed God wanted them to go home to Tacloban.

For Suzie's birthday on Nov. 3, her son and daughter-in-law bought Dr Peppers -- a rare treat in the Philippines and a favorite of the Millers. IMB missionaries Stan and Dottie Smith also had given the Millers some Dr Peppers as a birthday present.

Stranded on their mattress, Suzie said she and Carl felt like they were dying of thirst as the wind and rain torpedoed their home. Prior to the storm, Suzie placed the three Dr Peppers on a desk. As the water rose in their room, the Dr Peppers floated over to the mattress.

"We just opened a Dr Pepper and shared it," Suzie said. "There is nothing that helps you out like drinking Dr Pepper in a storm."

The power of prayer

Suzie said God brought a Scripture verse to mind during the experience: ... Read More

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