September 16, 2014


PLANO, Texas (BP) -- Nike Ladapo shares a birthday week with Billy Graham, and the soon-to-be 50-year-old Texas woman is following his lead on the most fulfilling way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

For his 95th birthday on Nov. 7, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is kicking off a weeklong endeavor to reach the country with the Gospel. From Nov. 3-12, more than 24,000 churches are participating in "My Hope America with Billy Graham," reaching out with the love and Good News of Christ in homes and other venues across the country. Read More

'MY HOPE': It's not too late to get involved
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (BP) -- Church prayer ministry members Lou and Carol Harris were determined to participate in My Hope America with Billy Graham personally, even though their
church had not yet planned to be involved. They attended My Hope America training in the Atlanta area in late September and had an opportunity to view "Defining Moments," one of the My Hope America evangelistic video programs. Read More
Child safety is aim
NASHVILLE (BP) -- The man serving snow cones at your Vacation Bible School is a convicted sex offender. That was the news Bill Jones had to deliver to one of the pastors in his association. Read More
World hunger offering conveys church's 'hope'
RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- IMB President Tom Elliff rarely is surprised. But one pastor has managed to surprise him not once, but three times. Read More
Hate or hope? Jernigan's message of freedom
OKLAHOMA CITY (BP) -- He has been called a "hater." Dennis Jernigan knows his story is not popular in today's culture, but the change he experienced is one he cannot keep hidden, especially because he knows his story involves what people really want; it can be summed up in one word -- freedom. Read More
Flame's hip hop aims toward inner city
ST. LOUIS (BP) -- If it seems odd for a hip hop artist to do seminary coursework, the idea was even more foreign to veteran rapper Flame.
The Grammy-nominated artist is now a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's undergraduate Boyce College, but at one point Flame (Marcus Gray) said the idea of studying the Bible in an academic setting had never crossed his mind. Read More
2nd VIEW: Work & mission meld together in today's interconnected world
RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- An American executive working for a major automobile company in Asia is just hitting his stride: top salary, big results, great industry contacts. Read More

First Person
Steve Silver
FIRST-PERSON: Making good choices
Columnist Steve Silver relays how he learned that "living with love and harmony is sweeter than snarling from the doghouse." Making good choices, he says, sometimes is a minute by minute challenge.
Jeff Schreve
FIRST-PERSON: The value of emotions
Columnist Jeff Schreve explains how emotions -- both positive and negative -- serve important purposes in life when they are dealt with properly.



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