September 15, 2014


Meeting 'the true God' changed his life
RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- Sweating under the hot Southeast Asian sun, a young man watches fire ants swarm across the branches of a tree. He stretches out a gaunt arm and scoops up a handful of the red insects. Read More

I-29 corridor charts Upper Midwest strategy
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (BP) -- A key shift in the funding relationship between the North American Mission Board and state conventions in NAMB's South Region is making $1 million available to help start churches in strategic cities and towns along the I-29 corridor from Kansas City to Canada. Read More
Moore sets forth 'priority' not 'pullback'
"We have to, if we love our neighbors, be engaged in the public process."
-- Russell D. Moore
WASHINGTON (BP) -- Southern Baptist ethicist Russell D. Moore is not calling for a retreat but a different kind of evangelical Christian engagement with politics and the culture, he told a national television audience. "What I'm calling for is not a pullback but a priority," Moore said today (Oct. 25) on C-SPAN. Read More
W.A. Criswell chair announced at Southern
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) -- In honor of the late W.A. Criswell, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has announced a new academic chair in preaching named for the longtime pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Southern Baptist statesman and two-time Southern graduate. Read More
Evangelist Rick Gage sees harvest of souls
GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (BP) -- Fall harvest came early to Marshall County when more than 600 people made professions of faith during the Rick Gage GO TELL Crusade preceded by some 130 professions of faith at pre-crusade events. Read More

First Person
Roger S. (Sing) Oldham
CALL TO PRAYER: For the generations ahead
It is very likely our children and our children's children will bear the brunt of the full wrath of a society that has forgotten God, unless we see a massive spiritual awakening that stirs our nation once again. Roger ("Sing") Oldham tells us how to pray for these vulnerable descendants.
Kelly Boggs
FIRST-PERSON: Football, a 91-0 loss & bullying?
After a 91-0 loss on the gridiron, there are better things for a parent to do than filing a bullying complaint, Baptist Press columnist Kelly Boggs writes.
Oscar J. Fernandez
EDITORIAL: Cuando el cielo está oscuro
En Marcos 6:45-52 leemos -- Enseguida Jesús hizo que Sus discípulos subieran a la barca y fueran delante de El al otro lado, a Betsaida, mientras El despedía a la multitud. ...



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