September 17, 2014


NASHVILLE (BP) -- By 2017, access to pornography on smartphones and tablets will be available to 250 million people worldwide, according to a new study from Juniper Research, a London-area analyst of the wireless sector. Read More

Pornography plague confronted by church's 'Battle Plan'
NORTH MOBILE, Ala. (BP) -- "We are men with a battle plan. We are men of God."
      Those words -- a declaration of war against the scourge of pornography -- were voiced by hundreds of men gathered in a church auditorium and joined by hundreds of others across the nation via webcast. Read More
If a church leader has viewed pornography....
LAKELAND, Fla. (BP) -- Much too often it happens. A pastor, staff member or church leader has been viewing pornography. So what should a church do if a leader has viewed pornography? Let me suggest a 10-step process: Read More
WSJ profiles Moore's convictional kindness
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The convictional but kind approach to cultural engagement promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention's lead ethicist has gained the attention of one of the country's top newspapers. Read More
SWBTS trustees address mental health motion, vote on tenure, celebrate Patterson's 10 years
FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) -- Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary trustees responded to a motion on mental health ministries referred from the SBC’s annual meeting, concluded a process to end faculty tenure and recognized President Paige Patterson for 10 years of service during their fall meeting Oct. 16. Read More
Anabaptist book is tribute to Patterson
FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) -- A new book, "The Anabaptists and Contemporary Baptists, Restoring New Testament Christianity: Essays in Honor of Paige Patterson," has been released as a tribute to Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Read More

First Person
David E. Prince
FIRST-PERSON: An evangelical war on marriage?
Evangelicals have undercut marriage by an overemphasis on education and career, seminary professor David Prince writes. "Christian marriage and the glorious Gospel it represents liberates them from the ball and chain of trying to live the American dream," he contends.



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