August 21, 2014


NASHVILLE (BP) -- Discovery of the so-called "God particle" not only helped two physicists win this year's Nobel Prize, it also unwittingly bolstered the arguments of the Intelligent Design movement, according to Southern Baptist scientists. Read More

N.J. is #14 in same-sex marriage column
TRENTON, N.J. (BP) -- New Jersey has become the latest state to recognize the union of two people of the same sex as marriage. Read More
CP plants churches in N.D. oil towns
RAY, N.D. (BP) -- People have been swarming to western North Dakota for seven years, most wanting to get "a piece of the Bakken" oil/gas boom. Will Page isn't one of them. Read More
Missions College to aid church involvement
CARY, N.C. (BP) -- With more than two decades of missionary experience in the Americas, Marty Childers has a passion to help churches become more effective in Kingdom missions. He believes Missions College will be a powerful way to do that. Read More
Sandy survivor gains hope to go home
LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (BP) -- Volunteers are the heart of Southern Baptist efforts to bring help, healing and hope to survivors of catastrophe. Just ask Michael Raab. Read More
2nd VIEW: Football's virtues & violence enliven Baptist blogosphere
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Football -- more than theology - has become one of the Baptist blogosphere's dividing lines this fall. Read More

First Person
Judy Woodward Bates
FIRST-PERSON: In debt or free indeed?
Most Christians are concerned over the personal debt that individual Christians carry and, indeed, for many it is a daily struggle, "Bargainomics" author Judy Woodward Bates writes.



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