September 1, 2014


NASHVILLE (BP) -- In July 1994, more than 210,000 cards from teenagers pledging to remain sexually pure were displayed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In the years that followed, the True Love Waits movement witnessed millions of young people in the U.S. and around the world commit their sexual purity to God. In addition, many who compromised their sexual purity in the past experienced the promise of hope and restoration through Jesus. Read More

Congo adoption families caught in red tape
CONGO (BP) -- At least five U.S. families have been stuck in the Democratic Republic of Congo since as early as October amidst red tape and questions in the process of adopting children there, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission reported. Read More
Gay marriage in Utah blocked by high court
"[T]hose committed to the biblical definition of marriage must do all they can to live out biblical values."
--Barrett Duke
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The U.S. Supreme Court has finally halted same-sex weddings in Utah after lower courts refused to block the ceremonies while the state challenged their legality.
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Family finds 'God's plan' in Peru
PERU (BP) -- Brian and Jennifer Pennington knew God was calling them to be missionaries -- and that was pretty much the extent of their plan.
      So when the couple from Fort Worth, Texas, and their two young sons arrived at International Mission Board's candidate conference for new missionaries, they didn't have much to go on. Read More
Ancient cities, adventure not new for MKs
CHAVIN DE HUANTAR, Peru (BP) -- Jordan and Trevor Pennington know all about the Incan Empire, the South American civilization that seems almost mythic to most schoolchildren in the United States. Read More
Minister's murder arrest was 'unexpected news'
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (BP) -- After more than five months of near silence, Alabama investigators in the Karen Shahan murder case made a bold move Jan. 1 with the arrest of her husband, Richard Shahan, at the Nashville International Airport. Read More
2nd VIEW: IMB's 2013 top newsmaking stories
RICHMOND, Va. (BP)-- Each year, listing the most newsmaking global events can sound like a rerun of the previous year -- more bad news, larger losses of life. Read More

First Person
Jim Veneman
FIRST-PERSON: Unexpected look back
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Have you ever found yourself in a place you never dreamed you'd see again, or very carefully opened a box you've not look into for years? A few weeks ago I was given the very unexpected chance to have both of these experiences.



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