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    Fabricated: 'I did not go to heaven'

    by David Roach, posted Friday, January 23, 2015 (2 days ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- LifeWay Christian Resources' decision to stop selling a discredited book about a 6-year-old's supposed vision of heaven is being cited as a reminder that followers of Jesus should rely on the Bible rather than subjective experience for their knowledge of the afterlife.

    "Anytime you step away from the clear, revelatory, propositional statements of Scripture into your own experience, then you open yourself to every kind of weird existential idea out there," Chris Osborne, a Texas pastor who believes books like Malarkey's are unbiblical, told Baptist Press. "We want people bound to truth, not to what they feel or what they think they saw or what they experience." Read More

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    ERLC, Focus unveil 2016 Evangelicals for Life

    by Tom Strode, posted Friday, January 23, 2015 (2 days ago)

    Photo by Chad Bartlett
    WASHINGTON (BP) -- Southern Baptists' ethics entity and a leading pro-family organization took a public, first step Thursday (Jan. 22) in mobilizing extensive evangelical Christian involvement in the annual March for Life.

    The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and Focus on the Family introduced Evangelicals for Life -- a major evangelical, pro-life conference in conjunction with the 2016 March for Life -- at an event by the same name that preceded this year's march. At the morning session, the ERLC and Focus on the Family announced they will sponsor with other organizations the first-of-its-kind event next Jan. 21-22 in Washington, D.C. Read More

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    'Moral cowardice,' Moore says of GOP dropping abortion vote

    by Tom Strode, posted Friday, January 23, 2015 (2 days ago)

    WASHINGTON (BP) -- Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives were guilty of "moral cowardice" when they canceled a scheduled vote on a bill to ban late-term abortions, the Southern Baptist Convention's lead ethicist said. Read More

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    'I will try,' Obama pledges to Abedinis

    by Diana Chandler, posted Friday, January 23, 2015 (2 days ago)

    Screen capture
    BOISE, Idaho (BP) -- Seeking the release of Saeed Abedini remains a "top priority," President Obama told Naghmeh Abedini during a private 10-minute meeting with her and her children Jan. 21 at Boise State University. Obama pledged to seek his release with renewed energy. Read More

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    As Arab Spring falters, 'open hearts' find God

    by Nicole Lee & Charles Braddix, posted Friday, January 23, 2015 (2 days ago)

    Photo by Jedediah Smith/IMB
    LONDON (BP) -- Once again the world's attention is drawn to the Middle East with the death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and the tendered resignation of Yemen's president, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. Read More

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    'Twins' work to reach Ivorian women

    by Elaine Gaston, posted Friday, January 23, 2015 (2 days ago)

    IMB Photo
    ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (BP) -- Heather McAfee and Viviane Kassou don't look anything like each other, but friends call them "the twins."

    Outwardly the women have little in common other than the colorful ankle-length African dresses they both wear as they walk, arm in arm, through Abobo, a working-class suburb in northern Abidjan. Read More

  • Evangelical-Catholic coalition: marriage in crisis

    by David Roach, posted Wednesday, January 21, 2015 (4 days ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- In the wake of an interfaith Vatican conference on marriage two months ago, a coalition of Roman Catholics and evangelicals -- including Southern Baptist Timothy George -- has issued a statement calling the legalization of same-sex marriage "a graver threat" to society than either "easy acceptance of divorce" or "widespread cohabitation."

    "We must say, as clearly as possible, that same-sex unions, even when sanctioned by the state, are not marriages," the statement, titled "The Two Shall Become One Flesh: Reclaiming Marriage," says. "Christians who wish to remain faithful to the Scriptures and Christian tradition cannot embrace this falsification of reality, irrespective of its status in law." Read More