September 1, 2014
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CULTURE DIGEST: Huckabee weighs another presidential bid; Salvation Army counters LBGT rumors; ... - 1/2/2014
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is considering another run for president in 2016, he said on Fox News during his latest round of defending biblical values.

CULTURE DIGEST: 'Spiritually innocent,' Gosnell says - 9/27/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, convicted in May of first-degree murder in the killing of babies born alive, says he is "spiritually innocent" and remains "comfortable with the things" he did.

CULTURE DIGEST: Webcam abortions banned in Iowa - 9/6/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- A state medical panel has put a stop to Planned Parenthood's Webcam abortion system in Iowa.

CULTURE DIGEST: Biola president apologizes to pro-lifers, affirms sanctity of life at univ. - 8/30/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Biola University's president has apologized publicly for the school's treatment of a pro-life student and has outlined a plan to strengthen the Christian school's longstanding commitment to the sanctity of human life.

CULTURE DIGEST: 'Soul surfer' Bethany Hamilton marries - 8/23/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Bethany Hamilton, known for continuing her surfing career after losing an arm in a shark attack 10 years ago, married a Christian youth minister in Hawaii Aug. 18.

CULTURE DIGEST: California's Brown vetoes egg donor bill - 8/16/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Liberal California governor Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation that would have lifted a ban on payments to egg donors for research purposes.

CULTURE DIGEST: Obama administration, in court brief, supports prayer at public meetings - 8/9/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- The Obama administration has filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of prayer at public meetings.

CULTURE DIGEST: Pope's gay comments don't change Catholic teaching, seminary prof says - 8/2/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Pope Francis' comment that he will not "judge" homosexuals does not signal a change in Roman Catholic teaching ...

CULTURE DIGEST: NFL player skips White House ceremony over abortion comments - 6/21/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Six-time Pro Bowl center Matt Birk chose not to attend a White House ceremony because of comments made by President Obama in support of Planned Parenthood.

CULTURE DIGEST: ‘Dragon Legends’ opens at Creation Museum; Chinese newborn rescued - 5/31/2013
NASHVILLE (BP) -- The Bible-based Creation Museum near Cincinnati has unveiled three new exhibits, including "Dragon Legends" about dragon folklore.

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