August 22, 2014
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LIFE DIGEST: Rape victim chooses life - 9/19/2008
WASHINGTON (BP)--Elizabeth Cameron, a virgin who was only 16 years old at the time, was forced into a van one day in December 2005 and raped by three men. Weeks later, she learned she was pregnant.

LIFE DIGEST: Woman gets year in jail for forging girl's abortion parental notice - 6/20/2008
WASHINGTON (BP)--A Georgia woman was sentenced to a year in jail for forging a parental notification letter for her son's teenage girlfriend to have an abortion - and the abortion clinic may face legal consequences as well.

LIFE DIGEST: Del. woman may be one of many who die by starvation - 2/15/2008
WASHINGTON (BP)--A young, severely brain injured Delaware woman is at the center of a life-and-death court battle between her parents.

LIFE DIGEST: Newest stem cell research not harmless, ethicists say; Mich. tops list again - 1/18/2008
WASHINGTON (BP)--Pro-life bioethicists are rejecting recent claims by scientists that they have developed embryonic stem cells without destroying human embryos.

LIFE DIGEST: Roe would be dead had Clark said 'yes' to President Reagan, author says - 12/28/2007
WASHINGTON (BP)--The 1973 Roe v. Wade decision would be history had the person who probably was President Reagan's first choice for the Supreme Court accepted a nomination, a political biographer says.

LIFE DIGEST: Abortion doctors circumvent partial-birth ban by using deadly drugs - 8/13/2007
WASHINGTON (BP)--The abortion industry has found a way around the Supreme Court's support for a federal ban on a gruesome technique -- shoot the unborn baby up with deadly drugs before delivering the child almost totally to complete the procedure.

LIFE DIGEST: Doctor's alleged efforts to hasten death could undermine organ donation - 8/6/2007
WASHINGTON (BP)--If a San Francisco doctor is found guilty of seeking to hasten the death of a man to harvest his organs, it could have grave repercussions for organ donations in this country.

LIFE DIGEST: Majority of Americans favors high court's partial-birth abortion ruling - 7/30/2007
WASHINGTON (BP)--A majority of the American public approves of the Supreme Court's April decision to uphold the federal ban on partial-birth abortion, according to a new survey.

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