September 1, 2014
Life Digest
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LIFE DIGEST: D.C. funds 300 abortions - 7/15/2011
WASHINGTON (BP)--The District of Columbia paid for at least 300 abortions in the brief time Congress and President Obama lifted the ban on funding for the procedures in America's capital.

LIFE DIGEST: 'Baby Scan Jesus' ad set despite criticism; ... Carhart to spread late-term abortions - 11/19/2010
WASHINGTON (BP)--An advertising campaign designed to help people focus on Christ at Christmas will portray an ultrasound scan of the Son of God in His mother's womb on British billboards in December despite criticism that it promotes an anti-abortion message.

LIFE DIGEST: Planned Parenthood's abortion
total rises; La. revokes abortion clinic license
- 9/17/2010
WASHINGTON (BP)--Planned Parenthood recorded nearly 20,000 more abortions and not even half as many adoption referrals in 2008, according to a new report.

LIFE DIGEST: IVF called 'crass consumerism'; more states opt out of abortion coverage - 7/16/2010
WASHINGTON (BP)--In vitro fertilization -- plus the screening method that sometimes accompanies it -- continues to produce fatal results for some of the children created through the laboratory technique.

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