September 1, 2014
Marriage Digest
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MARRIAGE DIGEST: Indiana marriage amendment could be in danger - 3/30/2007
INDIANAPOLIS (BP)--A constitutional marriage amendment in Indiana is only one step away from making the 2008 ballot, but a handful of prominent legislators are threatening to derail it.

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Resignation could endanger Mass. marriage amendment; ... - 3/23/2007
BOSTON (BP)--In a move that could complicate efforts to pass a constitutional marriage amendment in Massachusetts, state Sen. President Robert E. Travaglini -- an amendment supporter -- resigned March 21 and was replaced by an amendment opponent.

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Hawaii civil unions bill dies in committee; R.I. A.G. says state should recognize out-of-state 'gay marriages' - 3/2/2007
HONOLULU (BP)--A bill that would have legalized same-sex civil unions in Hawaii likely died Feb. 27 when a key House committee went home without voting on it.

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Equal Rights Amendment is tied to 'gay marriage,' activist says; New Jersey grants first civil unions - 2/23/2007
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Many supporters of the effort to revive the Equal Rights Amendment say the proposal has nothing to do with "gay marriage," but a lesbian activist disagrees ...

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Calif. county clerks protest 'gay marriage' ban; Indiana marriage amendment one step from 2008 ballot - 2/16/2007
SAN FRANCISCO (BP)--Same-sex couples across California protested the state's "gay marriage" ban on Valentine's Day by requesting marriage licenses at local county clerk offices -- and they got support from some clerks in the process.

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Canadian man could be fined for not performing 'gay marriage'; Conservatives win in Mich. court - 2/9/2007
REGINA, Saskatchewan (BP)--Americans who think "gay marriage" won't impact religious liberties may want to take a look at their neighbors to the north

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Israel recognizes first 'gay marriage'; Hawaii legislators may pass civil unions bill; ... - 2/2/2007
JERUSALEM (BP)--Israel registered its first "gay marriage" Jan. 29, two months after the nation's highest court issued a landmark ruling for homosexual couples.

MARRIAGE DIGEST: McCain's position on marriage amendment tough to label; Wyoming may get DOMA; ... - 1/26/2007
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Sen. John McCain's likely presidential bid figures to be hindered among conservatives because of his opposition to a federal marriage amendment, although in truth his views on the subject of traditional marriage have disappointed liberals, too.

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Some homosexual activists concerned over choice of Ford to lead DLC; amend. supporter not running again - 1/19/2007
WASHINGTON (BP)--Former U.S. Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. is the apparent choice to serve as the new chair of the Democratic Leadership Council, and it's not sitting well with some homosexual activists.

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