September 17, 2014
The Persecuted Church
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Abedini threatened with more jail time over Gospel witness in prison, wife says
TEHRAN, Iran (BP) -- Iranian authorities are threatening to extend the prison sentence of jailed U.S. pastor Saeed Abedini because he leads people to faith in Christ everywhere he is detained, Abedini's wife Naghmeh told Baptist Press.
CALL TO PRAYER: Persecution from a Chinese Christian's perspective
Stirred by a Chinese Christian's comment on the value of persecution, longtime Baptist leader Jimmy Draper asks fellow Christians in America, "Do we continue on our present trajectory of self-absorbed arrogance, confined to our self-contained little worlds and reap the inevitable consequences, or do we humble ourselves and plead with God for revival?"
2nd Sudanese woman jailed for her faith
JUBA, South Sudan (BP) -- A 27-year-old Christian mother on death row for alleged apostasy has given birth to a daughter while another Christian woman is jailed in Sudan on a similar charge, Morning Star News reported.
Nigerian girls' location learned, military says
NIGERIA (BP) -- The Nigerian military has learned the location of more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian Christian girls but has not managed to free the captives, Reuters News reported, while Boko Haram continues to slaughter Christians.
2nd VIEW: Violence, unrest continue in Venezuela; Gospel spreading
CARACAS, Venezuela (BP) -- In recent years, IMB missionaries in Venezuela have struggled to spread the Gospel amid ever-increasing difficulties. In the capital of Caracas, rampant poverty, random violence and food shortages are a part of everyday life, and simply walking down the wrong street at the wrong time can be a fatal mistake.
Moore challenges death sentence for pregnant Sudanese Christian, urges U.S. denunciation
"The use of state power to enforce belief of any religion -- Islam, Christianity or otherwise -- is outside the authority of any government."
- Russell D. Moore
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention's lead religious freedom advocate has called on Secretary of State John Kerry to condemn the death sentence of a Sudanese Christian woman.
Boko Haram survivor exhorts Christians to 'stand strong'
WASHINGTON (BP) -- A teenage Christian survivor of Boko Haram terrorism in 2011 talked openly Tuesday (May 13) for the first time about her ordeal, expressing hope that her story would encourage Christians to persevere in persecution.
Deborah Peters, 15, said in a panel discussion hosted by Hudson Institute in Washington that Boko Haram murdered her Christian father and brother and bound her between the corpses at her home near Chibok, the same town where the Islamic terror group kidnapped nearly 300 school girls in April. "I hope if people hear my story, I think they will understand," Peters said, "and they will know more and more of what God said and they will understand what it means to stand strong and have courage." Peters was joined on the panel by Emmanuel Ogebe, a human rights lawyer with the U.S. Nigeria Law Group and expert in U.S.-Nigerian relations, who helped Peters come to the U.S. through a program established after Sept. 11, 2001, to aid victims of terrorism. While Peters' father was Christian, her mother was Muslim and fled to safety a month before the murders after Boko Haram destroyed the church Peters' father pastored. "In November, they burned his church, but still, he didn't give up and built the church again," Peters said. "So they said okay, they're gonna kill him. And they came to our house and killed him." On the night of Dec. 22, 2011, three Boko Haram militants entered the Peters home after knocking on the door. They pulled her father from the shower, demanded he renounce his faith and killed him when he refused, Peters recounted. Her father referenced Matthew 10:33 in holding fast to Christianity.
Nigerian Christians find hope amid persecution
NIGERIA (BP) -- The Nigerian church leader was secretly housing new followers of Jesus, former Muslims. When the time came for his second child to be born, he left his house to carry his wife to a clinic.
Middle East Christians need 'advocacy'
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The church and the government of the United States should act in behalf of beleaguered, often forgotten Christians in the Middle East, a broad coalition of religious and other leaders says.
Aid needed in Nigeria as attacks escalate
CHIBOK, Nigeria (BP) -- As President Obama prepares to send an advisory team to help Nigeria find more than 200 Christian and Muslim girls abducted by Islamic terrorists, Christians in the U.S can help victims and their families, said Adeniyi Ojutiku, a U.S.-based expert on Nigerian relations.
German homeschoolers still claim persecution
NASHVILLE (BP) -- One year after an appeals court denied their request for asylum in the U.S., a German homeschooling family still maintains that they faced religious persecution in their homeland and should have been protected under American law.
USCIRF: Religious liberty law needs revision
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The White House and Congress need to make specific changes to combat persecution 15 years after enacting legislation to promote religious liberty globally, a federal watchdog says in its annual report.
Persecuted draw focus on Day of Prayer
WASHINGTON (BP) -- President Obama called for Americans to remember the persecuted overseas as millions observed the National Day of Prayer. People gathered Thursday (May 1) at tens of thousands of events throughout the United States to pray on a day the federal government has recognized for more than six decades. ...
Kazakh pastor, 31, spent Easter in jail
ASTANA, Kazakhstan (BP) -- A 31-year-old Baptist pastor in Kazakhstan found himself celebrating Easter from a prison cell after refusing to pay a fine for worshipping without state registration.
4 Pakistani Christians now on death row
LAHORE, Pakistan (BP) -- A couple from Pakistan's Christian minority was sentenced to death April 4 for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages, bringing the number of Christians on death row to four.

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