July 29, 2014
The Persecuted Church
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Boko Haram labeled 'foreign terrorist' group
WASHINGTON (BP) -- The U.S. State Department has designated the Nigerian Islamic extremist group Boko Haram an official foreign terrorist organization, giving the U.S. added power to weaken the group.
Christians in Syria face mounting horrors
"As a mother and as a wife I want to leave, but as a Christian I want to stay."
-- Syrian mother in Damascas
DAMASCUS, Syria (BP) -- For Hanna, a Syrian Christian mother living in Damascus, the country's civil war is more than just statistics and news articles.
Kazakh Baptists face raids, fines, deportation
OSLO, Norway (BP) -- Authorities in Kazakhstan have fined a Baptist pastor for leading a congregation without state registration and deported another as part of an onging campaign to stamp out religious communities not under the government's thumb.
N. Korean Christians persevere & pray
ASHEVILLE, N.C. (BP) -- One of the first things Eric Foley learned about the North Korean underground church is that it is not to be pitied.
Prison transfer puts Saeed Abedini 'directly at risk' in Iran
TEHRAN, Iran (BP) -- The life of American pastor Saeed Abedini is "directly at risk" after he was transferred Nov. 3 to an "even more dangerous" Iranian prison, according to Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice.
CALL TO PRAYER: The persecuted church
Information about the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Nov. 3 is relayed by Rob Phillips of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world today, Phillips writes, noting that an estimated 75 percent of acts of religious intolerance are directed against Christians.
Eritrean Christian dies in prison
ERITREA (BP) -- A Christian woman perished from pneumonia in an Eritrean prison after facing harsh conditions and denial of medical treatment -- all because she would not renounce her faith.
Persecution, poverty small price for 20-something Asian believer
RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- Sweating under the hot Southeast Asian sun, a young man watches fire ants swarm across the branches of a tree. He stretches out a gaunt arm and scoops up a handful of the red insects.
CALL TO PRAYER: For the generations ahead
It is very likely our children and our children's children will bear the brunt of the full wrath of a society that has forgotten God, unless we see a massive spiritual awakening that stirs our nation once again. Roger ("Sing") Oldham tells us how to pray for these vulnerable descendants.
For Saeed Abediniís wife & family, year-long imprisonment in Iran takes its toll
Liberty University Convocation, Sept. 18
BOISE, Idaho (BP) -- "Be patient and endure." From an Iranian jail cell, Saeed Abedini penned those words in a letter to his daughter Rebekka for her seventh birthday this year.
Vietnam's repression extends to Catholics
WASHINGTON (BP) -- Catholics in northern Vietnam protesting against the long-term detention of two parishioners have run afoul of authorities in the Southeast Asian country.
Mideast minorities & a U.S. envoy
WASHINGTON (BP) -- In various parts of the Muslim world, religious minorities are facing a reign of terror. In the Middle East, persecution has become so terrible and widespread some experts are predicting that non-Muslims may be entirely driven from the region known for millennia as the cultural crossroads.
Obama speaks to Iran's leader of U.S. pastor
WASHINGTON (BP) -- A historic phone call between President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Sept. 27 capped a significant week in the case of an American pastor imprisoned in Iran.
U.S. pastor marks 1 year in Iranian prison
NEW YORK (BP) -- As Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini marks one year in Tehran's brutal Evin Prison, his wife encountered Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, in a New York hotel lobby and passed along a letter from the prisoner to the president.
Pakistan Christians don black bands for mourning, solidarity
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (BP) -- It was easy to spot a Christian in Pakistan on Monday (Sept. 23). Normally they tend to keep a low profile for fear of persecution. But this day, they wore black bands around their arms as a sign of mourning and solidarity following Sunday's church bombing.

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