September 17, 2014
2011 State Annual Meeting Roundup
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Kan.-Neb. Baptists leave budget unchanged
Ky. Baptists welcome new exec. director
La. Baptists urged to fight complacency
Md./Del. Baptists defend traditional marriage
Mich. Baptists approve strategic plan
Minn.-Wis. Baptists adopt GCR report
Miss. Baptists support the unborn
Mo. Baptists welcome Yeats as exec
Yeats cites key state convention functions
Mont. Baptists embrace 2020 Vision
Nev. Baptists raise CP, reduce exec board
New England Baptists see record baptisms
N.M. Baptists focus on holiness, appeal for Glorieta’s future
BCNY reduces budget, approves task force
N.C. Baptists address marriage, gambling

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